unleashed emotions

By thebutterflieswithin
Written January 12, 2007
My dad cries at almost every movie we go to... every movie including films such as Finding Nemo. However, I have been a pretty emotionally sound person. My family (mom's side) came from West Virginia, and my mom and some relatives attended Marshall. Some of her friends and family were killed in the crash making the movie hard for her. The roles were played out very well consuming you in the movie. About five minutes into the movie, you'll be emotionally connected to the characters and if your anything like me you'll be bawling your eyes out! I saw the moive twice and would love to see it again. Definitely going to buy the DVD when it comes out!!!
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See it!

By Nova_Star
Written January 13, 2007
The film starts out pretty sad, and I have to admit that I had a few tears falling down my cheeks... It sure doesn't feel like the movie actually is two hours long, they pass by pretty fast! Just go see it!
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you must see this movie!

By lori_b_movies11
Written January 13, 2007
i no u are probably fed up with all the football movies, but this is one of the best ones youll ever see. definantly bring some tissues, no matter if your male or female. all the guys i went with admited to crying.
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----great movie -----

By MrsMarvin
Written May 20, 2007
AMAZING MOVIE -- SOOOOO GOOD-- Cried alot thoe... but def an amazing movie also in my top 10 favorite movies
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We Are Marshall

By mercermoviebuff
Written December 29, 2006
It was good, but not great. I felt Matthew Fox was the stronger of the 2 Matthews. He and David Strathairn did a wonderful supporting job. Matthew McConaughey was not able to carry it off quite as well. The story itself is wonderfully compelling. It is unimaginable what grief that experience must have caused for the town. I say GO, but I do not think it will become a sports classic.
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