We Are Marshall Synopsis
College recovers after devastating loss.
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unleashed emotions

By thebutterflieswithin
My dad cries at almost every movie we go to... every movie including films such as Finding Nemo. However, I have been a pretty emotionally sound person. My family (mom's side) came from West...

See it!

By Nova_Star
The film starts out pretty sad, and I have to admit that I had a few tears falling down my cheeks... It sure doesn't feel like the movie actually is two hours long, they pass by pretty fast! Just go...

you must see this movie!

By lori_b_movies11
i no u are probably fed up with all the football movies, but this is one of the best ones youll ever see. definantly bring some tissues, no matter if your male or female. all the guys i went with...

----great movie -----

By MrsMarvin
AMAZING MOVIE -- SOOOOO GOOD-- Cried alot thoe... but def an amazing movie also in my top 10 favorite movies...

Worth Renting

By H3OIndra
I don't put much faith in football movies since I've never played it and have never really been in to watching it either. That said I think this drama was well done and definitely had its tear...


By lestieh
I was pleasantly surprised by this movie. I was expecting just another sports movie with a few bone crushing tackles and a happy ending. While I will not give away the ending, I will say that the...

We Are Marshall

By cirilo
Great movie with uplifting story. A must go......

A real movie, a real story

By discerning
I attended Marshall prior to the crash and my brother was attending Marshall at the time of the crash. This was a most devasting event and at the same time inspirational considering how the people...

We are Marshall

By stash

We Are.......Totally Loving Marshall!

By lets-go-to-the-movies
Great movie! I love that this movie focuses on how Marshall and the town moved forward from this terrible tragedy--but they let you know it didn't happen over night. Bring your hankie--for the sad...

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Rated PG | For emotional thematic material, a crash scene, and mild language
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