Inspirational and uplifting tale about innocence

By carlosc19
Written October 06, 2016
I caught this film at an advanced screening and I was genuinely surprised at how well the film maintained an uplifting tone while tackling the subject matter of cancer. The performances of all the actors were excellent across the board, especially the acting of the child actors. For a film to resonate with it's audience, it has to find a connection in which the general public can relate to. This film excels due to this connection, a film that will bring new perspective to the daily lives of the people who see it.
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Ways to Live Forever Way Above Expectations

By sarahmonastra
Written September 06, 2014
When I was first offered to watch a pre-screening of this movie, I must admit I was a little hesitant to view it. Normally I stray away from any movies that have to do with cancer. However, I thankfully did decide to watch the film and I am SO glad I did. Though this movie centers around two boys on their journey of fighting leukemia, the tone is not one of somberness but of joy. Yes, sad scenes and deep questions of life and death occur throughout the film, but after walking away from the movie, I felt, well, joyful. There is an uplifting spirit from this movie that is completely beyond my explanation; the director did a phenomenal job at engaging the audience and pulling them into these boys' lives. Some of the best child acting I've ever seen. Though the scenery was beautiful, the cinematography could have been a little better. I would recommend this film to both teens and adults. If you don't have a desire in seeing it, still see it. I promise you will not be disappointed
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Parent of 2 Childhood Cancer Patients

By taeleen1
Written January 19, 2015
Being the mother of two childhood cancer patients I was offered a screening copy of this film. I can't express enough how beautiful it is as a whole. The children acting are wonderful and capture your heart. The adults, primarily the parents in this film did a beautiful job of encapsulating how I feel more often than not throughout our journey over the last 6 yrs. I particularly love that not all the characters are Sicky sweet, or moaning miserably...they do a fantastic job of demonstrating overall, the diversity we see in the childhood cancer world. They take a poignant look at how children see very deep adult subjects and I adore it wholeheartedly! Thankful for this film, I actually watch it when I need a pick me up. Highly suggest it to both kids and adults alike!
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