Surprisingly Great!!!

By Songzjunkie1987
Written November 15, 2011
I went into this movie thinking it was going to be horrible, however I was pleasantly surprised. It gave a hard long at life during the depression. The cast was put together wonderfully. Pattinson and Witherspoon were great.
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By i_luvv_u_not23
Written July 04, 2011
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Book is Better

By PickyaboutFlicks
Written December 14, 2011
Ok, but the book was much better.
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water for elephants

By Flickister
Written April 23, 2011
This movie really shows Robert Pattinson's acting talent. He was wonderful showing such innocence like the character he played was and he looked truly comfortable with the animals. I was also impressed with Chris Waltz portrayal of August,absolutely brilliant. The movie was very true to the book everyone should see it a definite must see.
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washington Sq.

By amcalc1951
Written April 25, 2011
NO Sound the first 10 mins or so !
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