A splendid view.

By xxanimebunnyxx
Written April 23, 2011
This movie is a true wonder, a real in-depth look at circus life back in the 1930s, and a very talented cast. The story is delivered beautiful, and the actors including Rosy the elephant were superb. Five stars, will watch again, and will buy the DVD :)
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Worth the admision

By fan4movies2
Written April 22, 2011
GO see this movie. If you like Depression Era, drama movies, with a twist at the end, this is the movie for you. Although the movie may not be for everyone, it reminded me again of the plight many circus animals, especially elephants still suffer today. That is enough about the underlying political statement. I was pleasantly surprised with the movie itself and enjoyed the two hours very much. I saw it yesterday 4/21 at a preview showing. The acting was very good, the story well woven, and it had plenty of conflict and pathos. It is an "old school" big production movie we see so little of these days. There are some cinematography techniques I could have done without. For example, there are close-up shots that are a little too close for comfort and movement of the camera on the close-ups for a "dramatic" effect, which I find annoying. Having said that, that style is a popular technique these days, almost cliché but others will enjoy it. Out of 100, this film is a solid, firm 80.
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Must See

By vegasbiatch66
Written April 23, 2011
Saw it opening afternoon. It was a touching movie.. parts hard to watch but it was very good, well acted. Story moved well, even my 15 year old son was impressed with it. I would highly recommend it!
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Great Movie!!!

By borjasm
Written April 23, 2011
Beautiful movie, great job by Rob, Reese and Christoph and OMG!! Rosie, she is a hero :)
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water for elephants

By georgedye
Written April 27, 2011
The movie and story was great. The casting was off. Christoph Walz was amazing as usual and Reese Witherspoon was great. Pattinson was miscast. Good with the animals but definitely not a leading man and definitely too young for Reese and not as sensual or exciting. No chemistry with Reese but did have with the elephant. Still can't see what the young girls see in him. I so wanted Matt Damon or an actor a little older and debonair to have the role. The story and animals and Walz were really great and worth seeing.
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