Must go if Robert P. or Reese W. fan

By nac_rainbowbrite
Written April 24, 2011
This movie is an incredible story. There are parts where the story starts to lag, but with any artsy film it's to be expected. I went because I am a huge Reese fan and wasn't disappointed in Robert's performance. Didn't hurt with his pretty face. There is some violence not too bad but if you love animals there are some scenes that will make you cringe. All in all ok movie, but maybe see a matinee
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Great movie!

By emuss
Written April 24, 2011
I read the book before seeing the movie, which usually means the movie will be mediocre in comparison, but not with this movie. I loved it! The acting was great, the directing was well done as I didn't even realize it was almost 2 hours long. They changed the story a bit but it worked as a movie. I was a little worried abou the chemistry between Robert and Reese but it surprisingly worked. I'm definitely glad I went and would highly recommend it to someone looking for a movie that's different than the norm, with some romance as well.
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By steph86red
Written April 22, 2011
The film was beautiful and a delight to see it the middle of the crappy movies that have been coming out lately. It does the book justice, and all 3 actors and the elephant were great!! It's a movie for a date night or a girls night out :)
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Almost as good as the book!

By donnareed1214
Written April 26, 2011
I saw that this movie was coming out so back in feb I read the book. I fell in love with the book! Rob's performance surpassed Edward Cullen by far, he was made for this Jacob roll! If you have not read the book, it is a must read before you see, just explains the other characters a little better. But as far as being like the book, other than a few details, its right on!
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Water for Elephants

By EveEstrada
Written April 26, 2011
This movies was awesome. I took my 13 year old daughter who is in love with Robert Pattison and also took my 4 year old son hoping he would be ok with it. My 4 year old could not keep his eyes off the screen. He said it was an awesome movie. It was romantic, intense, it was great. Go see it. Eve E.
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