By Hazelsky13
Written March 18, 2009
Very rarely do I see a movie that I dislike so much that I not only walk out, but I actually sign up to post negative reviews about it to warn others. I love these types of movies and I sould have gone with my gut and walked out after 5 minutes. Really a waste of my time,
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By sikboy
Written February 10, 2009
i've only seen the online movie trailers and parts explaining the tech they used to make the movie. it looks amazing!! i read the book almost 5 times now (just finishing up the 5th time!), and this book is on the 'new york times' best 100 books since 1923, and has won a HUGO award. this book, altho a graphic novel, is a serious psychological breakdown on why 'superheroes' or as the book refers to them 'costumed vigilantes', act the way they do, why they do it, and ultimately does there actions hurt, or make the world a better place.. these are heavy duty questions to the super hero genre that mainly focuses on kicking **** and taking names... it's a deconstruction of super heroes; and it has brutal consequences for mankind.. i recommend reading the book before hand. one could read it over a weekend, or two weeks if one just read lightly... either way, it would be a good book for anyone's book collection and would go miles to help explain the characters motions and actions..
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By watchmen828
Written February 13, 2009
my friends dad works for DC Comics and he got an instant free copy of Watchmen. i saw it and it was so good it was better han Titanic, The Dark Knight, and The Spirit combined. anyone who doesnt see this, will realize what theyre missing out on
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Fantastic Adaptation of the Graphic Novel

By mcusanelli
Written March 05, 2009
I went to see an advanced screening of Watchmen last night with my buddy, and I was not disappointed. Having been a very big fan of the graphic novel, I had high hopes for this movie. All in all, it was an incredible movie. The story was well condensed, although personally I thought it could have been longer. They left a lot of the backstory and secondary characters out, so for the full experience I suggest you read the graphic novel too. Zach Snyder brings his epic style to this movie, which is filled with brutal fight scenes and some pretty impressive effects. However, i don't suggest you try and bring any younger kids, as this movie can get pretty...graphic. Its definitelty an adult movie. On a further note, if you are expecting to see something mindless like fantastic 4, think again. This is a pretty intense movie, and you're gonna need to pay attention to the storyline. Except for a few small changes, this was a perfect adaptation of the book. I can't wait to see it again friday!
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A well worth movie but does contain nudity and excessive violence that for some may be too OTT

By Dark_Chameleon
Written March 06, 2009
This is a long movie but for a scifi fan will be just enough as too many scifi's cut the movies down to that 90 minute rule and lose the best details. This Movie was good in allowing the stories for each character to develope and although flashes from past/future/present could leave some a little bewildered but if your a fan of the watchman comic series or appreciate the intrecacies that this movies offers in droves you will be overjoyed at the fuller time spent making this movie all it can be. It was said that this movie took 23 years to reach fruition and I for one can understand that statement with the alternate history mixed with the 'what if's' making this a 'TRUE' scifi and not some rehashed comic movie with little to no conection with the intencity that made the comics so 'Addictive' to begin with. This movie has done the comic justice and I hope there are many more to come. Grade: A very Good 'B' for its class
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