to anotherfridaynight regarding your warning......

By nycboy
Written March 02, 2009
first of all the movie is RATED R!! what do you think that means? is a signal to bring kids? how ****ing stupid and clueless can you be? "more male nudity than a locker room" ooooo scary. i havent seen the film yet, but from reading the graphic novel I know that there are several scenes with Dr Manhattan where he is nude, but the thing is....HE IS NO LONGER HUMAN, he has constructed and approximation of a male body which includes a small , Davinci-esque *****, NOT a real *****. regarding the violence.. have you seen previews? or read ANYTHING i the past 6 months about this film? it's not for kids and your an ******* for assuming it would be just because its a superhero movie.
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Some 'reviewers' here are idiots. It is excellent for most movie fans

By deg007
Written March 06, 2009
I can't believe the comments some of you idiots are making. YES, it is 'R'. Hello? Do your homework. YES, there is nudity. It is not as horrible as the prudes are writing about; grow up. YES, it is graphically violent. Pay attention! Didn't someone mention 'R'?! NO, I will NOT take my 16 year-old daughter to see it. She can see it on her own when she is 17. God, people are stupid here. Okay, for those of you who loved the 'Dark Knight', you should love 'Watchmen'. It is long, detailed, and beautifully filmed. It is an ANTI superhero movie! Repeat! ANTI-superhero! So if you love X-Men movies for the action but not the comics, and love Superman movies, you may not dig this! This is for fans of intelligent, big, bold movies that have both special effects and a story. You CAN enjoy the graphic novel AND this film. They are apples and oranges, truthfully. But I happen to LIKE both apples and oranges. Idiots and prudes stay away. Intelligent big-movie fans, go!
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By anotherfridaynight
Written March 01, 2009
As my husband put it, thiers more full male nudity in this movie then the local gym locker room. Lots of violent extreme fight scence, and very grapic sex scenes. We previewed this movie at our local base movie theater and they did not warn us. The room was full of 10-15 year olds.
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Watch the Watchmen

By Kyle_Adkins
Written May 02, 2009
Aside blue testicles, Watchmen has to be without a doubt one of the most clever, visually stunning, and all around amazing movies I've seen in a really long time. The characters themselves are so in-depth, lacking no back story what so ever, they literally jump off the screen. The acting each person had was near-flawless. I must admit, out of all the characters, Rorschach captivated me the most. His sense of justice and the anti-hero feel similar to the Comedian makes him the perfect dark hero in today's world. If I were female, I would opt to have Jackie Earle Haley's babies. Seriously. He's that good. Even if you haven't read the comics (If you did, you will be pleased.), you will still enjoy this movie. Beware though, it is about 3 hours long, and there is a fair amount of blue testicle flashes you may not feel too comfortable with. Aside that, This movie is a 5/5 for me, and I'm sure I'm not alone when I say that.
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Great movie! A definete GO-GO! (not for kids though...)

By kayoma
Written March 03, 2009
I just saw the movie last night in a pre-screening and it's one of the best super-hero movies I've seen! I'm generally a X-Men fan and had not read the book or anything about the featured superheroes - that made the movie a bit hard to follow at times, but at the end it all comes into place. It is somewhat tailored towards fans and people familiar with the characters (the heroes' characters, powers, personalities, etc. are not explained well, so you'd need to pay attention!) - that does not make any less effective and interesting to watch, though. So go!! For a superhero movie it actually makes a lot of sense and presents some interesting ideas about humanity, society and human nature that are not necessarily new, but are given a new twist. DEFINITELY DO NOT BRING CHILDREN TO THE MOVIEW!!! There is a fair amount of nudity, sex scenes, and very graphic bloody scenes - definitely an adult movie... Enjoy!!!
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