Warm Bodies was Cool

By wwbeam
Written February 10, 2013
I went with two 16 year olds knowing they would love the movie...zombies, cute guy, budding romance. I ended up enjoying the movie myself, laughing out loud at the quirky dialogue and engaging situations. Minimal swearing -frefreshing! R did a great job of portraying a zombie struggling to regain his human memories and feelings.
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By misslam57
Written February 11, 2013
An incredible original movie. its set from the point of view of the zombie and its hilarious. typical love story, but the originality of it makes up for some of the cheesiness.
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like a sour patch kid

By chrisd23902
Written December 02, 2013
so I go to check out this movie on valentines day alone but aside from that the movie its self was a wonderful treat that really made my day lot better it was like a pack of sour patch kids as I said first its sour 'well our friend r has to kill a guy to live ' then its sweet ' he falls in love with the guys gf" and he decides to protect her from the harm of being eaten alive by others of his kind"aka zombies but it turns out to be a harder job than he thinks when he movies her in to his castle but while she is being protected she actualy falls in love with him sound a lot like beauty and the beast?? well it is and its wonderful so I strongly suggest u see it if u haven't already
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Wonderful!! Hilarious and Heartfelt. Full of action and zombies. What else is there?

By saraplacy
Written February 02, 2013
This movie kept me smiling, laughing, and "aww-ing" at every moment. It kept me on my toes wanting to know where it was going to go next. The acting was absolutely brilliant. I know supernatural love stories tend to get a lot of groans of disapproval since the Twilight series, but Warm Bodies nails it out of the park. There were no awkward moments of acting. Not for one second was I not thoroughly immersed in the world of R and Julie. I was completely sold on the emotions being portrayed. Nicholas Hoult nails zombie-ism. They all do, but he was perfect for R. I read the book also, and I personally think I may have liked the movie even more. There were only a couple aspects of the book I wish they had put in, but overall it was perfect. I am also a fan of your typical scary zombies, but I loved this aspect of it too. It gives it a fun new twist that I thoroughly enjoyed. Hardcore zombie fans need to go into this with an open mind to appreciate it. Overall, love love loved this movie!
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By teaganE
Written February 24, 2013
This movie was an accident. i originally was planning on seeing mama with my boyfriend, but i showed up late and he suggested we see this instead. when he mentioned it was a zombie movie, i was automatically in. the second this movie started i knew i was in for something good. this movie is a mixture of comedy, romance, and horror. amazing. a must go for me. ill definitely be buying it first thing when it comes out on dvd c: seriously its really creative go watch it c:
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