Wonderful Twist on an Overdone Theme

By mary frimmel
Written February 11, 2013
Don't get me wrong on the overdone! We loved Zombieland, we are Walking "Dead Heads" and we might just run a local race where zombies chase you (now that there is motivation!). So Warm Bodies was right up our dark, dysfunctional alley. We loved it!! Beginning was a little slow (his life at the airport) and sometimes on the plane (when he was hiding her) seemed to drag, but once the zombies attacked at the pharmacy it didn't disappoint. The eating of the brains to capture memories was unique and his airport zombie friend was hysterical! It was a predictable ending, but a nice change.
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young royalty

By godstevies
Written February 10, 2013
A couple for the ages. Nicholas Hoult & Teresa Palmer are on there way to being the new Hollywood prince and princess. This movie is all time entertainment. A great one.
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Much better than I thought GREAT MOVIE.

By fresnodoggy
Written February 03, 2013
I must admit that the biggest reason I wanted to see this movie was because Theresa Palmer was in it. I think she is not only beautiful, but a great actress, I wish she was in more movies. I actually really liked the movie, a lot. I found it to be clever in a way. I never really was bored. Lots of touching moments and as always, Theresa Palmer was awsome. I am not a teen and have not been for decades and there were a lot of people my age who actually clapped when it was over. Of course you are going to have to put up with teens making noise all the way through. I heard some people were comparing it to the "Twilight" movies, not even close, this movie is MUCH better in every way. I only was stupid enough to see one of those movies, thank goodness. Worth going to see.
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Warm Bodies

By recgrl
Written February 04, 2013
Even with flesh eating zombies this movie was funny. There were chase scenes, by foot mind you. Kind of like the Twilight series with more of a comedic factor to it. I would totally recommend it.
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Zombie Movie! What could be better

By MovieMansterRock
Written February 02, 2013
The Zombie's side of the story of course. The character development was done quite nicely. There was not a single point where you are bored. It's really a classic teenage love story wrapped around the zombie theme. You empathize with the main character and share funny, serious, and gentle moments with him. You are on his side from minute 1 and for a change we get to see the other side of zombies...the side that doesn't always want to eat your brains. If you are a fan of the zombie genre. it's a must go.
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