Good movie, but nothing crazy

By jonasandersen84
Written February 11, 2013
The movie is a fun twist to the Zombie genre, and a great "couples movie". If your girlfriend doesn't like "real" zombie splatter movies this would be a great alternative :) So, my conclusion is that its, um, "cute", but nothing spectacular hence the so-so rating. Go if you're looking have a good night with your girlfriend. If you're looking for a masterpiece this isnt it.
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Funny date night movie

By lisa_marie1115
Written February 04, 2013
The movie premise was different and funny to begin with which made me want to go see it. It was funny, not quite as funny as I thought it would be but, I definitely enjoyed it. The inner monologue from Nicholas Hoult is the best part and of course the one liners by Rob Corddry who is always hilarious. Definitely worth seeing!
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By pinkguitar001
Written February 01, 2013
Went to the premiere last night, and I was pleasantly surprised. It was still a zombie film with some definite gory action going on, but it was witty, funny, and unique. I would highly recommend.
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Loved this movie!

By sylmjk
Written February 08, 2013
I took my (reluctant) 73 year old mother with me to see this film and get her out of the house. She was laughing along with everyone else, and of course it was a light attendance-since it was the matinee at our local mall. I knew Nicholas Hoult from About a Boy, of course, but have also seen him in A Single Man and Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy. The action movies he is credited with, I have not seen. I have been impressed with him, and let me say-this young British actor is an up and comer. Already, everything he touches turns to gold. He was delightful, sympathetic and funny in this touching zombie movie that is anything but traditional. There is a genuine story line, superb acting by all, but again he is one to watch. I recommend it most highly and if I can convince my middle aged boyfriend to see it I will be happy to go again!
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Date Night

By shouldigo27
Written February 07, 2013
It was what you would have to call a cute movie. This is defiantly a good movie to take a girl on a date to without feeling like you lost every little ounce of respect for yourself while watching it. I would recommend if you are going to go on a date to go pay the money to see it but for any other reason wait for cheap tickets or till it comes out to rent or online stream buy.
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