Cute Witty Zombie Romance reboot

By seekersprime
Written February 02, 2013
The trailer for the movie gave it away (as expected). Regardless it was a very entertaining revamp of the normal zombie genre with a love teen-ish romance. Defiantly wasn't a chickfilc though.
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Good For All Ages

By Lexyloutoo
Written February 03, 2013
If you are looking for zombie gore galore this is not for you. If you are expecting a love like "Twilight" again, not for you. If you have an off-beat sense of humor, and can let go enough to not say, "scientifically that makes no sense". You're in! It's a cute love story that isn't perfect but still makes you curious. The story of two people in different worlds, scratch that a zombie in one world and a human in another. The zombie has a conscience and daydreams of what life was like when everyone was one of the living; since he can't remember his own existence. This story isn't something that Hollywood just drummed up, it's actually based on a book. It's cute, a bit slow-moving at times but adorable. Some will instantly pick up on the Romeo/Juliet references, others will be more interested in why the main characters' name is "R". Either way, leave your troubles at the door and enjoy without trying to, a love story that shouldn't work but it does.
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A pleasant surprise

By DZimmles
Written February 04, 2013
I must confess; as a 17 year old guy and someone who is bored by romance most of the time anyway, I was NOT expecting this movie to be as good as it was. I went to it (alone) as a fan of zombie movies, and I found it to be a LOT better than I thought it would be. So much so that far from calling it "average" as I was expecting to, I'd go see it again with a friend if the opportunity arose. It was definitely worth my time and money, and while it won't be winning any Oscars, I'd definitely give it a "worth it."
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Love Conquers All?

By jackel_inthebox
Written March 01, 2013
The best parts of this movie were John Malkovich and the character M. Malkovich turns in his standard excellent performance and M is just hysterical. The rest of the movie was cute and dumb in varying degrees. And for the record, love rarely conquers a damn thing - certainly not the zombie apocalypse.
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Unexpected funny movie

By Wiggle1961
Written February 04, 2013
We enjoyed this movie. We thought it was just a funny slightly disturbing movie, that surprised us. Fun story, with a wicked humor.. We were surprised..
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