A zombie chick flick??

By atesim
Written May 26, 2017
Hi, I wouldn't have known this was a book if it weren't for the flocks of girls holding a copy in hand while watching this movie. If you read the book, I have nothing to offer you - since I haven't read it. If you haven't read the book, then I offer this (potential spoilers!): 1) I thought the movie was a thoughtful and original twist on one of the things mankind fears most - zombie apocalypse. 2) I like all genres of movies. But I'll admit I'm not so inclined to think romance and zombies can mix, so I wasn't sure how I felt about "love will save the world" romance. My verdict is that I quite enjoyed it. I can't think of any zombie flicks where there is a happy ending with hope for the human race?? 3) I did invite some friends, but they weren't so committed to it. I went solo. Definitely fine to watch solo. If you have chick friends, definitely round up a posse, they'll love it. One last thing, BRAINS!
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Warm Bodies - A Must See!

By bennenator88
Written April 23, 2017
While the movies' start is a little slow, it's packed with pop culture references, laughs, and great acting! With a new spin on the zombie genre, "Warm Bodies" delivers! This movie is good for ages 13 and up.
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Romeo and Juliet, the zombie version.

Written February 14, 2016
I was impressed with this movie. I didn't expect much because the main character was a zombie. Some of the movie didn't make since if you have watch other zombie movies. Such as why is the main character a hoarder? You definitely need to keep an open mind if you have watched other zombie movies and shows because this movie is nothing like them to a degree. I'll get it when it comes out on DVD.
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By Rebeccah_May
Written May 26, 2017
This movie was awesome! I read the book and some things are dead on while others only a little off course. I highly recommend it, it was funny, exciting and cute. Some parts were a little slow, but the other parts made up for it. I'm definitely going again soon!
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Lukewarm Movie

By MedRed
Written May 28, 2017
With zombies currently all the rage, I'm not totally surprised to see a romance twisted up with "The Walking Dead." Warm Bodies is good for a few chuckles and is a movie I would describe as "cute." Despite the zombie aspect, Warm Bodies will mostly appeal to young females. Anyone with any affinity for traditional zombies will either hold their hand out at the screen while thinking "Come on!" or will cringe at the thought of what logically should be happening to the overexposed humans. Oh yeah...this movie is slow. There are quite a few inconsistencies in the actions of the zombies, and more than a few "Why?!" moments for the actions of the humans. There are many questions to be answered by the gaping plot holes and the story has zero interest in fleshing them out. Warm Bodies doesn't make the best romantic date movie, nor does it offer up any substantial chills. What is does offer is something weirdly charming. If you like my reviews, add me as a fan. I'll add you back!
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