Love Cussacks but no Duff

By NickIGS
Written April 29, 2008
Sounds like a fun plot but A John Cussack is not a assassin B Hillary Duff is not a good actor C CRap Again if it is good i will take back review does not look it See you at the movies =D
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Dr. Strangelove for the millenia!

By actuallySEESthem
Written June 14, 2008
All you asses who rate things but never view them!!! This movie is BRILLIANT. Far exceeded my expectations. Small tributes to Strangelove, Kubrick and more. Should become a cult classic. Kudos to Cusack, Akroyd, and Tomei - even Hillary Duff did a great job. May not be appreciated by Cheny fans and their ilk, but more the reason to see it.
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War Inc

By heas
Written May 28, 2008
I love this movie I know this movie is really strange but so good Hilary Duff's performance is A+ I so think you guys shall see it the movie is great
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By dudeuranoinker
Written June 02, 2008
Really good and really funny. I liked it a lot.
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best antiwater film ever

By ladypumice
Written July 26, 2008
Cusack & Tomei are brilliant in this film. War Inc. surrounds the audience with the full spectrum of the for-profit "War Business"...all the way down to branding ont he tank. Hillareous and quite thought provoking.
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