Academy Awards, out!

By mollies_mom
Written December 25, 2011
What a wonderful film. Not as big a tearjerker as I had expected, though I did pull out the tissues at times. True fantasy but done so well. You cant help but notice the cinematography. What a vision. There isnt a weak character in the bunch. I never read the book, but I will now. The theater was crowded (sold out in fact). Even so, I couldnt hear a peep from them. 2 /12 hours flew by. Wanted more. A must see by everyone.
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War Horse

By jwelch5742
Written January 24, 2012
It was awesome film. it got great screenplay, music score, Cinematography and wonderful producers for Steven Spielberg and Kathleen Kennedy .
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A Big And Sweeping Tale. Destined To Join The Animal Classics Of All Time.

By Alon Patterson
Written December 26, 2011
What would cinema be today had there been no Steven Spielberg? I cannot imagine. Thankfully, he was here to imagine many amazing and wonderful things for me and countless others these past few decades. His legacy in film looms large, as does his latest contribution. Visually stunning, it could only be described as epic. Dark, assuming, totally immersive and unrelenting would also describe this work. Don't even think you'll escape emotional upheaval during this film. It's exhausting. The man who gave us the Saving Private Ryan battlefield sequence does it again with WW1 and boy-oh-boy is it nerve wrenching! This movie is extremely intense, so leave the little kids home and be careful your older teen is mature enough to handle graphic depictions of war. Otherwise, it is a must see, hands down. You won't be disappointed.
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It will be a "classic" and Golden Globe winner! Possibly an Oscar, too??

By ejhsmile
Written December 29, 2011
I laughed, was teary eyed and thoroughly enjoyed the quality of this movie! We need MORE films like this. However, this is NOT a film for small children with the war scenes and the emotional intensity of it. The casting and acting was superb, the cinematography at points reminded me of "Gone With the Wind" and the script was excellent. The story line is so woven that you are kept "hooked" until the end.
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War Horse

By kaygolfer
Written December 23, 2014
We have our family Christmas on Christmas Eve and usually go to a movie on Christmas Day. This year we picked "War Horse" as the movie, and that was definitely the right choice. We all really liked it. The 8 year old thought it was exciting, the 12 year old related it to the history of WW I that he has studied, and 3 of the 4 adults were teary-eyed. I would definitely recommend seeing it. Our only complaint was that it was a long movie, although it wasn't slow, just long, which it had to be to tell the whole story. Except for the battle scenes which are violent, it's a good family movie, and it seems to be historically accurate. There are also some humorous moments, which were enjoyable.
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