WarGames:2nd chance for a 1st viewing

By Sterling29
Written July 26, 2008
Absolutely loved it. I was too young the first time it was out, so the chance to see it on the big screen was a must. Unlike the firest times I saw it was, able to appreciate the script so much more now. It is a classic!!
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War Games, the best game.

By sylar2744
Written May 14, 2010
War Games released June 3rd 1983 starring Matthew Broderick as David Lightman, Directed by John Badham and written by Lawrence Lasker and Walter F Parkes , is without a doubt one of my favorite movies. The movie is about a young computer whizz kid, or as we call them now a days a hacker, hacking his way into a top secret super computer which basically has complete control over the U.S nuclear missles. The computer challenges him to a game against Russia and the United States and he agrees thinking that it is only a game, but soon realizes that it is not. I think this is one of Matthew Broderick's most astonishing roles next to Ferris Buellers Day Off. This movie, even though some might think its a bit outdated will have you on the edge of your seat craving more. If you haven't checked it then I suggested you at least give it a shot and then make your opinion I promise you will not be disapointed.
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War Games 25th Anniversary through FathomEvents.com

By jsteensen
Written July 29, 2008
A great trip back in time. Excellent behind the sceens interviews. Gave a lot of perspective on how the storyline developed during the production. I loved the fact that even through the War Games NORAD control room had color displays on the walls the real NORAD was still using black-and-white. During the show it suddenly stopped with a Windows OS message "Restore Active Desktop". The audience (98.36% geeks - myself included) first groaned - and then broke out in laughter as we realized this must be being streamed for the special presentation - and the computer bit it. I hadn't seen that message since Windows 98. The manager of the theatre quickly restored the picture but it was a priceless moment making the walk down memory lane much more realistic. Good preview of the sequel - "War Games - The Dead Code". My teenage son loved it also. All-in-all I would buy tickets again.
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Excellent classic.

By pianoin69
Written March 11, 2013
Great movie as to be expected. Characters stayed true to form. Wonderful looking at dated computers. There was even a glimpse into NORAD. That was pretty cool. The innocence off the time was prevalent.
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Great Classic Movie! Even my 25 year old GF thought is was great and it was released the year she was born!

By poopedhispants
Written July 28, 2008
The move quality we very good, not sure if they "restored" it or not. Just as timeless as it was 25 years ago. This is a must see movie!
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