A great classic for its time!

By GearMaven
Written July 02, 2008
I'm looking forward to seeing this classic back in a theatre again! I've watched the War Games video at least once a year and enjoyed it every time. The message is still relevant--and perhaps even more so in these times. Matthew Broderick and Ally Sheedy were engaging and enjoyable to watch as young actors. It will be fun to see the behind-the-scenes segments! Really looking forward to this 25th Anniversary release.
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A classic.

By snacktray
Written June 29, 2008
I basically grew up with this movie and it will be in my top 25 for capturing what the greatness of the 80's.
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War Games

By Minimae1013
Written July 29, 2008
It's a good movie when viewed from the proper historical perspective. One of the original hacker movies that no doubt inspired many of our very talented friends today. It was not ahead of its time- just a forewarning for what could/does happen. Check if out if you have a geek side. =)
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The movie cut off early

By danielandlois
Written August 01, 2008
The movie ended about 20 minutes early and the theatre didn't even dim all the lights during the movie.
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A classic from the vault

By gurusdji
Written July 26, 2008
Stood up well, fun to see all the stars who moved up and on in the business. Proof that a well told tale will stand the telling one again.
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