War Dogs Synopsis
Arms dealers find themselves in over their heads after landing a contract to supply Afghan forces.
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Another Dramatic Knockout From a Comedic Director!

By TheTruthYouCantHandle
Just after Anchorman director Adam McKay made waves with his dramatic debut, Todd Philips of Hangover fame has followed suit in spectacular fashion. In fact, I believe it's safe to say superior...

war dogs

By ashahkolaei
I liked this movie. I would like to give 4 to this film. It was so funny....

War Freakin' Dogs

By jeremyeggert
War Dogs was as good as I expected it to be, lighter on the humor than you would think from the Director of the Hangover Trilogy but where it lacks in humor it fills in with great narrative [ Miles...

War Dogs

By lmrakovic9
This is movie rocks. It funny, it's intense, the acting is phenomenal, I love the movie! You should definitely go see it....

Great Movie

By RyanMWilson
I found this movie full of drama and action-packed. It is based on a true story, make.sure you keep this in mind....

Horrible, a total lead on..

By douglassjr0516
From the previews I was expecting this movie to be action and or comedy, it was neither. For the first time ever, I walked out early on the movie. Sadly disappointing....

Great Movie & Lots of Funny Moments

By tehdakk
So the movie was pretty good. It had history mixed in with a lot of true facts about the military. It was funny. The only down side is that they swore a lot.OVERALL: GREAT MOVIE....

Jonah Hill

By brocato1978
Very Good movie! Jonah Hill was funny and outstanding! Well worth the money and 2 hours....

Better than expected!

By alybuchthal
My dad and I had to drag my mom along to see this. She was expecting nonstop action, explosions, violence, guns and girls and all that. Not her favorite type of movie. Unexpectedly (for her at least),...

Very cool

By greggouw
Great cast, very entertaining. Didn't care for the politics but it's water off a ducks back in the end....

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Rated R | For Language throughout, drug use and some sexual references.
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Common Sense Media says Humor mixed with guns, drugs, swearing in fact-based tale.
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