Humanity is not lost

By ILoveForeignMovies
Written December 05, 2007
Not just another "oh those poor children in Africa" movie. Compelling portraits of unforgettable individuals (not just headlines and horror). Reaffirms the universality of the human experience - pain, loss, joy, humor (yes, some of it's funny), struggle, triumph, fear, ambition and love. Challenging in ways you can't imagine - yet ultimately rewarding. More than than a "documentary". An homage to beauty in people, places and spirit. Stunning visually and emotionally. A genre by itself. As a half-African and mother of small children, I never thought I could sit through it based on the description. As tough as it was at times, I'm so glad I did. Kudos to the filmakers for following their hearts and respecting their subjects - it shows.
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Best. Movie. Ever.

By grizax
Written June 14, 2007
Josie really set an unprecedented bar for her outstanding work!
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war dance

By kps518
Written December 04, 2007
Very heart wrenching scene when Nancy went too visit the gravesite of her father. Found the movie too give some hope too the catastrophic events that took place in Uganda.
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By ohuganda
Written November 28, 2007
I would highly recommend seeing War/Dance. I felt as though this movie gave the children a voice as they shared their stories and the meaning of music in their lives. This movie was incredibly powerful, the children has seen more and experienced more than any can imagine. It also is very effective in showing the beauty of Uganda, the people, music and country. After spending some time in Uganda, and then seeing this film I can say it is not only an incredibly powerful and challenging it is also important to see.
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War Dance - Moving story

By Henry_K
Written December 16, 2007
Excellent Documovie - very emotional. Beautiful photography. Must see for all adults witha conscience!
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