Five Word Review

By ggbull
Written October 24, 2009
the best movie see it!
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Good Movie

By 619boy531
Written June 20, 2008
After seeing the preview I knew I had to see it. I looked like it was going to be a sick movie, Because it had Jason Statham & Jet Li. I was right. It had sick action scenes, Good actors, good plot. At the end it goes off with a twist that no one expected.
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Maybe if I had lower expectations.

By Lrn2dnc
Written December 23, 2008
But with these two leads together? It should've been explosive, with phenomenal fight scenes. Far from it.
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By tt78
Written August 24, 2007
The movie is really good. It is packed with action, like you would expect. Moves along very well, not boring whatsoever. I never expected the outcome. You have to go see it, if you like this type of movies.
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Juan - Ton

By juanton100
Written December 12, 2008
This movie had me out of my seat for the most part. Jet Li and Jason Statham gave one hell of a performance. Also, the ending suprised me the most, outstanding for Li's part. I would love to watch this movie once every month.
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