By kimbo6984
Written March 04, 2012
Probably the worst movie I have ever seen. Can't believe money is spent making films such as this. I am a Jennifer Aniston fan but I must say she had to be desperate to want to have a role in this type film. Not sure who the audience would be for this type movie. Lots of sounds of dissappointment in the theater throughout the entire movie. Don't waste good money or time unless you are bored to tears and money to blow and nothing else good to see at the theater. Sorry this is how I felt.
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Not all that funny

By buffetfan1102
Written February 28, 2012
The fan reviews were 50/50. I had hoped I would have been the 50% who liked it but really didn't. I heard no laughter in the theatre. I never laughed. Just never found it funny. Wished I would have stayed home. A typical Jennifer Aniston movie. Lame.
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Good for DVD rental.

By WandaWomanEh
Written March 04, 2012
The movie has lots of laughs but is highly formulaic. Paul Rudd is fabulous but unfortunately he isn't able to cancel out Jennifer Aniston's yet another Rachel/Friends character.
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By phillst2
Written March 04, 2012
My wife and I thought this was the worst movie we have ever seen. Terrible plot. way to graphic with the mirror scene. We are really surprised that Jennifer Aniston and Alan Alda would do such a terrible movie. This is a" Don't Even Rent It"
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Great and hilarious!

By mng12306
Written February 27, 2012
I went to see the movie with my boyfriend. I was not expecting for the movie to be as funny as it was! Jennifer was great and Paul was awesome! You have to see this one. by the way MONEY BUYS NOTHING LITERALLY!!!!
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