Wanda Hendrix
Date of Birth
Nov 03, 1928
Birth Place:
Jacksonville, FL

Worked With

Year Name Title
1972 Brian Cox Edgar Allan Poe's The Oval Portrait
1971 Elizabeth Montgomery Bewitched: TV or Not TV
1971 Agnes Moorehead Bewitched: TV or Not TV
1971 Robert Q. Lewis Bewitched: TV or Not TV
1964 Robert Strauss Stage to Thunder Rock
1964 Anne Seymour Stage to Thunder Rock
1964 Keenan Wynn Stage to Thunder Rock
1964 Barry Sullivan Stage to Thunder Rock
1964 Allan Jones Stage to Thunder Rock
1964 Marilyn Maxwell Stage to Thunder Rock
1964 Lon Chaney, Jr. Stage to Thunder Rock
1964 Scott Brady Stage to Thunder Rock
1963 Sammy Davis Jr. Johnny Cool
1963 Joseph Calleia Johnny Cool
1963 Jim Backus Johnny Cool
1963 John Dierkes Johnny Cool
1963 John McGiver Johnny Cool
1963 Douglas Dumbrille Johnny Cool
1963 Elisha Cook, Jr. Johnny Cool
1963 Marc Lawrence Johnny Cool
1963 Henry Silva Johnny Cool
1963 Elizabeth Montgomery Johnny Cool
1963 Telly Savalas Johnny Cool
1963 Robert Armstrong Johnny Cool
1963 Richard Anderson Johnny Cool
1963 Joey Bishop Johnny Cool
1961 Robert Stevenson Boy Who Caught a Crook
1961 Don Beddoe Boy Who Caught a Crook
1961 Richard Crane Boy Who Caught a Crook
1954 Noah Beery, Jr. The Black Dakotas
1954 Clayton Moore The Black Dakotas
1954 Gary Merrill The Black Dakotas
1954 John Bromfield The Black Dakotas
1954 Richard Webb The Black Dakotas
1954 Jay Silverheels The Black Dakotas
1954 Robert Simon The Black Dakotas
1954 Peter Whitney The Black Dakotas
1954 Reed Hadley Highway Dragnet
1954 Richard Conte Highway Dragnet
1954 Joan Bennett Highway Dragnet
1953 Wendell Corey ABC Album: A Tale of Two Cities, Part 1
1953 Mira McKinney The Last Posse
1953 James Kirkwood The Last Posse
1953 Charles Bickford The Last Posse
1953 Warner Anderson The Last Posse
1953 Monte Blue The Last Posse
1953 Broderick Crawford The Last Posse
1953 Skip Homeier The Last Posse
1953 Will Wright The Last Posse
1953 Tom Tully Sea of Lost Ships
1953 Ben Cooper Sea of Lost Ships
1953 Walter Brennan Sea of Lost Ships
1953 Richard Jaeckel Sea of Lost Ships
1953 Darryl Hickman Sea of Lost Ships
1953 Barton MacLane Sea of Lost Ships
1953 Steve Brodie Sea of Lost Ships
1953 Roy Roberts Sea of Lost Ships
1953 Eric Porter The South of Algiers
1953 Van Heflin The South of Algiers
1952 Clayton Moore Montana Territory
1952 Ethan Laidlaw Montana Territory
1952 Preston S. Foster Montana Territory
1952 Ruth Warren Montana Territory
1952 Jack Elam Montana Territory
1951 Dan O'Herlihy The Highwayman
1951 Charles Coburn The Highwayman
1951 Albert Sharpe The Highwayman
1951 Cecil Kellaway The Highwayman
1951 Victor Jory The Highwayman
1951 Alan Napier The Highwayman
1951 Mickey Rooney My Outlaw Brother
1951 Robert Stack My Outlaw Brother
1951 Robert Preston My Outlaw Brother
1950 Rudy Vallee The Admiral Was a Lady
1950 Hillary Brooke The Admiral Was a Lady
1950 Steve Brodie The Admiral Was a Lady
1950 Edmond O'Brien The Admiral Was a Lady
1950 Richard Erdman The Admiral Was a Lady
1950 Richard Lane The Admiral Was a Lady
1950 Joseph Calleia Captain Carey, U.S.A.
1950 Alan Ladd Captain Carey, U.S.A.
1950 Francis Lederer Captain Carey, U.S.A.
1950 Russ Tamblyn Captain Carey, U.S.A.
1950 Roland Winters Captain Carey, U.S.A.
1950 John McIntire Saddle Tramp
1950 Antonio Moreno Saddle Tramp
1950 Joel McCrea Saddle Tramp
1950 Jeanette Nolan Saddle Tramp
1950 John Ridgely Saddle Tramp
1950 John Russell Saddle Tramp
1950 Ed Begley, Sr. Saddle Tramp
1950 Tony Curtis Sierra
1950 James Arness Sierra
1950 Burl Ives Sierra
1950 Dean Jagger Sierra
1950 Roy Roberts Sierra
1950 John Doucette Sierra
1950 Elizabeth Risdon Sierra
1950 Houseley Stevenson, Sr. Sierra
1950 Audie Murphy Sierra
1949 Eduardo Ciannelli Prince of Foxes
1949 Felix Aylmer Prince of Foxes
1949 Orson Welles Prince of Foxes
1949 Everett Sloane Prince of Foxes
1949 Tyrone Power Prince of Foxes
1949 Katina Paxinou Prince of Foxes
1949 John Beal Song of Surrender
1949 Eva Gabor Song of Surrender
1949 Claude Rains Song of Surrender
1949 Elizabeth Patterson Song of Surrender
1949 MacDonald Carey Song of Surrender
1948 Leif Erickson Miss Tatlock's Millions
1948 Monty Woolley Miss Tatlock's Millions
1948 Barry Fitzgerald Miss Tatlock's Millions
1948 Richard Haydn Miss Tatlock's Millions
1948 Elizabeth Patterson Miss Tatlock's Millions
1948 Dorothy Stickney Miss Tatlock's Millions
1948 Robert Stack Miss Tatlock's Millions
1948 Ray Milland Miss Tatlock's Millions
1948 Mitchell Leisen Miss Tatlock's Millions
1948 Phyllis Calvert My Own True Love
1948 Norma Varden My Own True Love
1948 Leyland Hodgson My Own True Love
1948 Alan Napier My Own True Love
1948 Arthur Shields My Own True Love
1948 Richard Webb My Own True Love
1948 Binnie Barnes My Own True Love
1948 David Thursby My Own True Love
1948 Melvyn Douglas My Own True Love
1947 Rosemary de Camp Nora Prentiss
1947 James Flavin Nora Prentiss
1947 John Newland Nora Prentiss
1947 Rory Mallinson Nora Prentiss
1947 John Ridgely Nora Prentiss
1947 Don McGuire Nora Prentiss
1947 Creighton Hale Nora Prentiss
1947 Ann Sheridan Nora Prentiss
1947 Charles Jordan Nora Prentiss
1947 Bruce Bennett Nora Prentiss
1947 Howard Negley Ride the Pink Horse
1947 Fred Clark Ride the Pink Horse
1947 Grandon Rhodes Ride the Pink Horse
1947 John Doucette Ride the Pink Horse
1947 Edward Earle Ride the Pink Horse
1947 William H. Ruhl Ride the Pink Horse
1947 Robert Montgomery Ride the Pink Horse
1947 Thomas Gomez Ride the Pink Horse
1947 Lyle Latell Ride the Pink Horse
1947 Paul Maxey Ride the Pink Horse
1947 Patricia Barry Variety Girl
1947 Gary Cooper Variety Girl
1947 Cecil Kellaway Variety Girl
1947 Pearl Bailey Variety Girl
1947 George Reeves Variety Girl
1947 Frank Faylen Variety Girl
1947 Alan Ladd Variety Girl
1947 Patric Knowles Variety Girl
1947 Mona Freeman Variety Girl
1947 William Bendix Variety Girl
1947 Richard Webb Variety Girl
1947 Stanley Clements Variety Girl
1947 Barbara Stanwyck Variety Girl
1947 Crane Whitley Variety Girl
1947 Sterling Hayden Variety Girl
1947 MacDonald Carey Variety Girl
1947 Ray Milland Variety Girl
1947 Paulette Goddard Variety Girl
1947 Joan Caulfield Variety Girl
1947 Gail Russell Variety Girl
1947 Dorothy Lamour Variety Girl
1947 Bing Crosby Variety Girl
1947 Lizabeth Scott Variety Girl
1947 Lorin Raker Variety Girl
1947 Cecil B. DeMille Variety Girl
1947 Diana Lynn Variety Girl
1947 Burt Lancaster Variety Girl
1947 Mitchell Leisen Variety Girl
1947 Howard Da Silva Variety Girl
1947 Edgar Dearing Variety Girl
1947 Billy De Wolfe Variety Girl
1947 Barry Fitzgerald Variety Girl
1947 William Demarest Variety Girl
1947 Sonny Tufts Variety Girl
1947 Veronica Lake Variety Girl
1947 DeForest Kelley Variety Girl
1947 Glenn Tryon Variety Girl
1947 Ann Doran Variety Girl
1947 Elliott Nugent Welcome Stranger
1947 Mary Field Welcome Stranger
1947 Robert Shayne Welcome Stranger
1947 Charles B. Middleton Welcome Stranger
1947 John Miller Welcome Stranger
1947 Elizabeth Patterson Welcome Stranger
1947 John Ince Welcome Stranger
1947 Percy Kilbride Welcome Stranger
1947 Clarence Muse Welcome Stranger
1947 Bing Crosby Welcome Stranger
1947 Frank Faylen Welcome Stranger
1947 Don Beddoe Welcome Stranger
1947 Joan Caulfield Welcome Stranger
1947 Charles Dingle Welcome Stranger
1947 Barry Fitzgerald Welcome Stranger
1947 Franklin Farnum Welcome Stranger
1945 Lauren Bacall Confidential Agent
1945 George Coulouris Confidential Agent
1945 Katina Paxinou Confidential Agent
1945 Charles Boyer Confidential Agent
1945 Peter Lorre Confidential Agent
1945 George Zucco Confidential Agent
1945 Ian Wolfe Confidential Agent
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