One of the most powerful movies I've seen in years.

By movieboy23
Written February 04, 2009
Waltz With Bashir is an incredible tour de force. Ari Folman shows his tremendous film making skill by venturing out into the normally tame area of animation to tell his story of war, destruction and the importance of human life. Even the slower bits of dialogue intrigue the viewer as he/she is swept up into the stunning visuals of the piece. There are plenty of characters in the story to maintain the viewers interest, but not too many to distract from the main storyline pertaining to the protagonist, who happens to be Folman himself. Additionally, the ending of the film (which I won't share in this review for fear of ruining it for others) left me speechless. I can't remember the last time a film left me at such a loss for words. Please do yourself a favor and see this film as soon as possible. One more thing: I (and numerous media outlets and reviewers) predict that this film will win the Academy Award for Best Foreign Feature.
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Waltz with Bashir: An honest look at the man in the mirror and the horrors of war

By Abumaya
Written January 25, 2009
As an Israeli and a Jew, I was very proud that Israel could make itself so vulnerable and be introspective in broad daylight about such a serious and disturbing topic. This is a testimony to Israeli democracy at its best. The movie itself probably resonates differently with every viewer. On the literal level, this is a compelling voyage of one individual grappling with his past through a documentative narrative that weaves between the two forms of story telling with great ease. The animation is rich and in-vocative. The merger of comic-bookesque two dimensional animation and 3-d environments was a visual feast for the eyes. The music set the tone of the narrative and would probably stand very well on its own, and the combination of all these factors led to a product that was greater than the sum of the parts.
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Excellent film

By vargas515
Written December 15, 2008
Very intense movie. Great story and very cool animation style.
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Old School Propaganda with New School Visuals

By mediocrates
Written January 26, 2009
This is not a film for emotional or political juveniles, but for a grownup audience it is impressive and compelling. To appreciate this film, you will need to have a strong stomach for its disturbing imagery and a strong mind to think critically about its content. The visuals are innovative and striking. This is a prime example of a movie that plays far better in a theater setting than at home. It is riveting and provocative to watch, and generated something I haven't seen before...a lobby full of people standing around arguing about it after the screening. Not bad for a Saturday night. If the theater had a lobby cafe, they would have cleaned up. Yes, this film is political. Yes, it manipulates the viewer (as do the best of films). But this film demonstrates that propaganda has a bright future in the cultural mainstream. I hope its market share will confirm this.
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the best documentary that I saw about middle east conflict

By flordavidzon
Written December 13, 2008
I loved it every minute. Great image, music, excelent script, socking reality The images even is animation stay in your mind for days and nights... open another dimension to the possibilites of documentaries that has tension and entreteinment (if it is possible to say) in a true dramatic story.
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