Waltz With Bashir Synopsis
A friend's recurring nightmare prompts a filmmaker to probe his own memories.
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One of the most powerful movies I've seen in years.

By movieboy23
Waltz With Bashir is an incredible tour de force. Ari Folman shows his tremendous film making skill by venturing out into the normally tame area of animation to tell his story of war, destruction and...

Waltz with Bashir: An honest look at the man in the mirror and the horrors of war

By Abumaya
As an Israeli and a Jew, I was very proud that Israel could make itself so vulnerable and be introspective in broad daylight about such a serious and disturbing topic. This is a testimony to Israeli...

Excellent film

By vargas515
Very intense movie. Great story and very cool animation style....

Old School Propaganda with New School Visuals

By mediocrates
This is not a film for emotional or political juveniles, but for a grownup audience it is impressive and compelling. To appreciate this film, you will need to have a strong stomach for its disturbing...

the best documentary that I saw about middle east conflict

By flordavidzon
I loved it every minute. Great image, music, excelent script, socking reality The images even is animation stay in your mind for days and nights... open another dimension to the possibilites of...

Amazing! Very Powerful and creative!

By donain
This movie was really something special. It makes you think and feel what the Israeli soldiers felt during the first Lebanon War. The animation and soundtrack portray the drama of life and death...

brillliant ..

By esteesgray
world changing...

Only go if you are an animation lover!

By Iseeeverymovie
There is a very interesting new animation technique, otherwise, dull, flat, unresolved, and confusing. A real slog, that means we would have left if our son was not with us. Best impact a the finish....

Deserves an Oscar

By lpaster
Great movie...

Powerful movie on the human toll of war

By ivystern_icloud_com
Great movie. The animation was wonderful and effective. Movie really focuses on the human toll of war -- without taking sides or making judgements. We know Israeli soldiers who fought in that war...

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Rated R | For some disturbing images of atrocities, strong violence, brief nudity and a scene of graphic sexual content