Walter Marsh

Worked With

Year Name Title
2003 Terry O'Quinn Phenomenon II
2003 Peter Coyote Phenomenon II
2003 Jill Clayburgh Phenomenon II
2001 Fred Willard Maybe It's Me [TV Series]
2000 David Caruso Deadlocked
2000 Charles S. Dutton Deadlocked
1995 Art La Fleur Man of the House
1995 George Wendt Man of the House
1995 Jonathan Taylor Thomas Man of the House
1995 Farrah Fawcett Man of the House
1995 Chevy Chase Man of the House
1995 Charles Dance The Surgeon
1995 Peter Boyle The Surgeon
1995 Malcolm McDowell The Surgeon
1994 Corbin Bernsen Dangerous Intentions
1994 Ed Asner Heads
1994 Roddy McDowall Heads
1994 Jennifer Tilly Heads
1994 Jon Cryer Heads
1993 Helen Shaver Morning Glory
1993 Christopher Reeve Morning Glory
1993 J.T. Walsh Morning Glory
1993 Lloyd Bochner Morning Glory
1993 Nina Foch Morning Glory
1992 Mariette Hartley Diagnosis of Murder
1992 Ken Kercheval Diagnosis of Murder
1992 Dick Van Dyke Diagnosis of Murder
1992 William Atherton Diagnosis of Murder
1992 Christopher Lambert Knight Moves
1992 Tom Skerritt Knight Moves
1992 Diane Lane Knight Moves
1992 Rhea Perlman To Grandmother's House We Go
1992 Morgan Freeman Unforgiven
1992 Anthony James Unforgiven
1992 Richard Harris Unforgiven
1992 Clint Eastwood Unforgiven
1992 Frances Fisher Unforgiven
1992 Gene Hackman Unforgiven
1992 Saul Rubinek Unforgiven
1991 Edward Albert The Girl from Mars
1991 Martin Short Pure Luck
1991 Danny Glover Pure Luck
1991 Jason Robards, Jr. Pure Luck
1991 Scott Wilson Pure Luck
1991 Harry Shearer Pure Luck
1991 Sam Wanamaker Pure Luck
1989 Kevin Dillon Immediate Family
1989 Glenn Close Immediate Family
1989 Jane Greer Immediate Family
1989 James Woods Immediate Family
1989 Mary Stuart Masterson Immediate Family
1989 Tom Skerritt Nightmare at Bittercreek
1989 Joanna Cassidy Nightmare at Bittercreek
1988 Ralph Macchio Distant Thunder
1988 John Lithgow Distant Thunder
1988 Jamey Sheridan Distant Thunder
1988 Richard Masur Shoot to Kill
1988 Andrew Robinson Shoot to Kill
1988 Michael Chapman Shoot to Kill
1988 Sidney Poitier Shoot to Kill
1988 Tom Berenger Shoot to Kill
1988 Kirstie Alley Shoot to Kill
1988 Clancy Brown Shoot to Kill
1987 Jill Eikenberry Assault and Matrimony
1987 John Hillerman Assault and Matrimony
1987 Michael Tucker Assault and Matrimony
1987 James Brolin Deep Dark Secrets
1987 Ben Affleck Hands of a Stranger
1987 Forest Whitaker Hands of a Stranger
1987 Arliss Howard Hands of a Stranger
1987 Beverly D'Angelo Hands of a Stranger
1987 Michael Lerner Hands of a Stranger
1987 Sarah Polley Hands of a Stranger
1987 Blair Brown Hands of a Stranger
1987 Armand Assante Hands of a Stranger
1987 Cliff Robertson Malone
1987 Scott Wilson Malone
1987 Burt Reynolds Malone
1987 Tracey Walter Malone
1987 Kenneth McMillan Malone
1987 Lauren Hutton Malone
1985 Kathleen Quinlan Blackout
1985 Keith Carradine Blackout
1985 Richard Widmark Blackout
1982 Keenan Wynn A Piano for Mrs. Cimino
1982 Christopher Guest A Piano for Mrs. Cimino
1982 Graham Jarvis A Piano for Mrs. Cimino
1982 Bette Davis A Piano for Mrs. Cimino
1978 Gail Strickland Ski Lift to Death
1978 Don Johnson Ski Lift to Death
1978 Howard Duff Ski Lift to Death
1966 Oliver Reed The Trap
1966 Rita Tushingham The Trap
0 Amanda Wyss Highlander: Family Tree
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