Walter James
Date of Birth
Jun 03, 1882
Birth Place:
Chattanooga, TN

Worked With

Year Name Title
1942 Herbert Rawlinson The Panther's Claw
1942 John Ince The Panther's Claw
1942 Sidney Blackmer, Sr. The Panther's Claw
1940 Bruce Bennett Invisible Stripes
1940 Humphrey Bogart Invisible Stripes
1940 John Hamilton Invisible Stripes
1940 Frank Faylen Invisible Stripes
1940 Leo Gorcey Invisible Stripes
1940 Marc Lawrence Invisible Stripes
1940 Mike Lally Invisible Stripes
1940 Paul Kelly Invisible Stripes
1940 Jane Bryan Invisible Stripes
1940 Frankie Thomas Invisible Stripes
1940 Al Hill Invisible Stripes
1940 Henry O'Neill Invisible Stripes
1940 Lee Patrick Invisible Stripes
1940 Pat O'Malley Invisible Stripes
1940 John Ridgely Invisible Stripes
1940 Flora Robson Invisible Stripes
1940 Tully Marshall Invisible Stripes
1940 William Holden Invisible Stripes
1940 Ethan Laidlaw Invisible Stripes
1940 George Raft Invisible Stripes
1940 William Hopper Invisible Stripes
1939 Leyland Hodgson Eternally Yours
1939 David Niven Eternally Yours
1939 Al Hill Eternally Yours
1939 Eve Arden Eternally Yours
1939 Granville Bates Eternally Yours
1939 C. Aubrey Smith Eternally Yours
1939 Edwin Stanley Eternally Yours
1939 Franklin Parker Eternally Yours
1939 Frank Jaquet Eternally Yours
1939 ZaSu Pitts Eternally Yours
1939 Broderick Crawford Eternally Yours
1939 Loretta Young Eternally Yours
1939 Tay Garnett Eternally Yours
1939 Billy Wayne Eternally Yours
1939 Mary Field Eternally Yours
1939 Virginia Field Eternally Yours
1939 Billie Burke Eternally Yours
1939 Hillary Brooke Eternally Yours
1939 Raymond Walburn Eternally Yours
1939 Ralph Graves Eternally Yours
1939 Hugh Herbert Eternally Yours
1938 Ward Bond Professor Beware
1938 Clara Blandick Professor Beware
1938 Raymond Walburn Professor Beware
1938 Huntly Gordon Professor Beware
1938 Kit Guard Professor Beware
1938 William Frawley Professor Beware
1938 Duke York Professor Beware
1938 Harold Lloyd Professor Beware
1938 Bruce Mitchell Professor Beware
1938 Max Wagner Professor Beware
1938 Guinn "Big Boy" Williams Professor Beware
1938 Charlotte Wynters Professor Beware
1938 Eddie Parker Professor Beware
1938 Montagu Love Professor Beware
1938 Charles Moore Professor Beware
1938 Lionel Stander Professor Beware
1938 Dewey Robinson Professor Beware
1938 David Sharpe Professor Beware
1938 Leonid Kinskey Professor Beware
1938 Thurston Hall Professor Beware
1938 Frank S. Hagney Professor Beware
1938 Frances Morris Professor Beware
1938 Chuck Hamilton Professor Beware
1938 Sterling Holloway Professor Beware
1937 Edward Peil Sr. Oh, Susanna!
1937 Fred "Snowflake" Toones Oh, Susanna!
1937 Carl Stockdale Oh, Susanna!
1937 Gene Autry Oh, Susanna!
1937 Jack Kirk Oh, Susanna!
1937 Smiley Burnette Oh, Susanna!
1937 Clara Kimball Young Oh, Susanna!
1937 George Morrell Oh, Susanna!
1937 Bruce Mitchell Oh, Susanna!
1937 Sig Rumann This Is My Affair
1937 John Hamilton This Is My Affair
1937 James Flavin This Is My Affair
1937 Barbara Stanwyck This Is My Affair
1937 Lee Shumway This Is My Affair
1937 Edward Peil Sr. This Is My Affair
1937 Victor McLaglen This Is My Affair
1937 Ethan Laidlaw This Is My Affair
1937 Marjorie Weaver This Is My Affair
1937 Dale Van Sickel This Is My Affair
1937 Douglas Fowley This Is My Affair
1937 Frank Conroy This Is My Affair
1937 Robert Taylor This Is My Affair
1937 Sidney Blackmer, Sr. This Is My Affair
1937 Lynn Bari This Is My Affair
1937 Davison Clark This Is My Affair
1937 John Carradine This Is My Affair
1937 Brian Donlevy This Is My Affair
1936 Paulette Goddard Modern Times
1936 Chuck Hamilton Modern Times
1936 Frank S. Hagney Modern Times
1936 Gloria DeHaven Modern Times
1936 Charles Chaplin Modern Times
1936 Edward J. Le Saint Modern Times
1936 Murdock MacQuarrie Modern Times
1936 Mira McKinney Modern Times
1936 Louis Natheaux Modern Times
1936 James C. Morton Modern Times
1934 Larry Steers The Cat's Paw
1934 Dewey Robinson The Cat's Paw
1934 Charles Sellon The Cat's Paw
1934 George Magrill The Cat's Paw
1934 Frank LaRue The Cat's Paw
1934 Nat Pendleton The Cat's Paw
1934 Tom Dugan The Cat's Paw
1934 Pat Somerset The Cat's Paw
1934 Harold Lloyd The Cat's Paw
1934 Paul Panzer The Cat's Paw
1934 Phil Tead The Cat's Paw
1934 Kit Guard The Cat's Paw
1934 Fuzzy Knight The Cat's Paw
1934 George Barbier The Cat's Paw
1934 Herman Bing The Cat's Paw
1934 George Bancroft The Cat's Paw
1934 John Ince The Cat's Paw
1934 John Farrell MacDonald The Cat's Paw
1934 Grant Mitchell The Cat's Paw
1934 Una Merkel The Cat's Paw
1934 Frances Morris The Cat's Paw
1934 Louis Natheaux The Cat's Paw
1931 King Baggot Scareheads
1931 Richard Talmadge Scareheads
1931 Louis Natheaux Street Scene
1931 Walter Miller Street Scene
1931 Beulah Bondi Street Scene
1931 Greta Granstedt Street Scene
1931 Estelle Taylor Street Scene
1931 Dick Powell Street Scene
1931 Sylvia Sidney Street Scene
1931 John Qualen Street Scene
1930 Fred Kohler Hell's Heroes
1930 John Huston Hell's Heroes
1930 Raymond Hatton Hell's Heroes
1930 Charles Bickford Hell's Heroes
1930 Regis Toomey Shadow of the Law
1930 Frank O'Connor Shadow of the Law
1930 William Powell Shadow of the Law
1930 George Irving Shadow of the Law
1930 Edward J. Le Saint Shadow of the Law
1930 Edward Peil Sr. Shadow of the Law
1928 Mary Brian Big Killing
1928 Ethan Laidlaw Big Killing
1928 Wallace Beery Big Killing
1928 Raymond Hatton Big Killing
1928 June Collyer Me Gangster
1928 Al Hill Me Gangster
1928 Carole Lombard Me Gangster
1928 Gustav von Seyffertitz Me Gangster
1928 June Collyer Me, Gangster
1928 Carole Lombard Me, Gangster
1928 Bob Perry Me, Gangster
1928 Gustav von Seyffertitz Me, Gangster
1928 Al Hill Me, Gangster
1928 Johnny Hines Wright Idea
1927 Jacqueline Logan Blood Ship
1927 Fred Kohler Blood Ship
1927 Hobart Bosworth Blood Ship
1927 Myrtle Stedman The Irresistible Lover
1927 Phillips Smalley The Irresistible Lover
1927 Norman Kerry The Irresistible Lover
1927 Arthur Lake The Irresistible Lover
1927 Harold Lloyd The Kid Brother
1927 Jobyna Ralston The Kid Brother
1926 Sally O'Neil Battling Butler
1926 Buster Keaton Battling Butler
1925 Karl Dane Everlasting Whisper
1925 Tom Mix Everlasting Whisper
1925 Virginia Vale Little Annie Rooney
1925 William Haines Little Annie Rooney
1925 Mary Pickford Little Annie Rooney
1925 Charles Sellon The Monster
1925 Edward McWade The Monster
1925 Lon Chaney The Monster
1922 Thurston Hall Fair Lady
1922 Betty Blythe Fair Lady
1922 Montagu Love The Secrets of Paris
1920 Thomas Carr The Idol Dancer
1920 Richard Barthelmess The Idol Dancer
1920 Creighton Hale The Idol Dancer
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