Wally Ward

Worked With

Year Name Title
1990 Anita Morris Martians Go Home!
1990 Randy Quaid Martians Go Home!
1990 Gerritt Graham Martians Go Home!
1990 Margaret Colin Martians Go Home!
1990 Ronny Cox Martians Go Home!
1989 Charles Haid A Deadly Silence
1989 David Schwimmer A Deadly Silence
1989 Mike Farrell A Deadly Silence
1989 Dick Miller Under the Boardwalk
1989 Tracey Walter Under the Boardwalk
1989 Sonny Bono Under the Boardwalk
1988 Bud Cort The Chocolate War
1988 Jenny Wright The Chocolate War
1988 John Glover The Chocolate War
1988 Adam Baldwin The Chocolate War
1988 Karen Black The Invisible Kid
1986 Keith Gordon Combat High
1986 George Clooney Combat High
1986 Robert Culp Combat High
1986 Dick Van Patten Combat High
1986 John Ratzenberger Combat High
1986 Leslie Nielsen Soul Man
1986 Arye Gross Soul Man
1986 James B. Sikking Soul Man
1986 James Earl Jones Soul Man
1986 Rae Dawn Chong Soul Man
1986 Forrest Tucker Thunder Run
1986 John Ireland Thunder Run
1985 James LeGros Ace Hits the Big Time
1985 Mario Van Peebles Children of the Night
1985 Kathleen Quinlan Children of the Night
1985 Bill Paxton Weird Science
1985 Anthony Michael Hall Weird Science
1985 Robert Downey, Jr. Weird Science
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