Money Might Not Sleep But I Sure Did

By gegan
Written October 14, 2010
What a heavy-handed piece of garbage. Over-actor Shia LaDouche shines again and keeps using up his 15-minutes of fame over-and-over-and-over. When will producers realize that Shia is more of a distractive over-actor than a method actor. Predictable story outcomes and shoved-down-your-throat social messaging play along side of ethnic stereotyping of Chinese and Jews. Do something more constructive with your time rather than watching this movie like cleaning out the lint from your belly-button or perhaps bleaching your socks to a high-white color.
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"Money Never Sleeps" is surprisingly entertaining. It's big and loud and brash in an almost operatic way

By BillyNYC
Written September 26, 2010
Wall Street: MNS/Oliver Stone was making a statement on the glibly money-hungry times when his "Wall Street" came out in 1987 and, with it, the iconic figure of Gordon Gekko declaring that greed, for lack of a better word, was good. Twenty-three years later, greed is still getting a lot of people into a lot of trouble. The entire country, in fact. And so Stone's latest is the rare sequel that not only feels relevant but necessary. Of course, his hindsight is 20/20. But here, Stone takes the economic collapse of 2008 and places Gekko... played masterfully by Michael Douglas, returning to the role that earned him an Academy Award. in the middle of it. Having been released from federal prison after serving time for securities fraud, money laundering and racketeering, Gekko is now free to swim among even more dangerous sharks than he ever dreamed of being himself. How will he react? That story line alone could have provided the basis for one meaty, worthwhile movie. --- Billy Amato/NY
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I'd love to say Must Go,but.....

By lovestalentmoviefan
Written September 29, 2010
...that's if you are a fan of the first one,or just trust Michael to successfully reprise his Gekko role,with more layers,and do it well. I did and was not let down in the least. Other than that,I say just regular GO. This is because the movie isn't quite as intense as I was expecting. Very good,as well as informative,but not top knotch. And there are 2 scenes that really spoiled things for me by being just elementary in dialogue and style. A scene with Charlie Sheen was one of them. Awkward and cliche at best. The other was a dad/daughter touch feely deal that was totally beneath Stone caliber. Brolin was genius with his character's moods and realizations,Langella squeezed my heartstrings and Wallach was himself. All good work. The miscast was Mulligan. Yes,she was just right in An Education,but not the brilliant new it girl that some seem to think she is. Just my opinion. Do see this....almost a must. :)
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A Big Disappointment

By Big_Cat
Written September 28, 2010
Went to this movie eager with anticiaption. Left extremely disappointed. My biggest issue was all the holes in the script. And easy oversights. Example - everytime the movie would cut to CNBC for a market update, the market was always down the same 241 points, regardless of day or circumstance. Fast paced action and wild gyrations - all yielding the same result - scene after scene. Another example? Gekko runs into his old friend Bud Fox at a charity event. Now keep in mind, Gordo spent 8 years in the can. He admits he watched a lot of financial news TV while cooling his heels over that time. Yet when he runs into Bud, he had no knowledge of the ultimate fate of Blue Star Airline. Isn't that kind of improbable?? There were many other mistakes and inconsistancies throughout the film. You would think someone would be assigned to watch for such things.
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Five Word Review

By dsteimle
Written September 27, 2010
It is worth the effort
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