Wallis Nicita

Worked With

Year Name Title
2012 Norman Lear Casting By
2012 Norman Jewison Casting By
2012 Taylor Hackford Casting By
2012 Mel Gibson Casting By
2012 Arthur Hiller Casting By
2012 Robert Duvall Casting By
2012 Richard Dreyfuss Casting By
2012 Buck Henry Casting By
2012 Clint Eastwood Casting By
2012 Bette Midler Casting By
2012 Juliet Taylor Casting By
2012 Jon Voight Casting By
2012 Paul Haggis Casting By
2012 Paul Rudd Casting By
2012 Oliver Stone Casting By
2012 John Sayles Casting By
2012 Robert Redford Casting By
2012 Martin Scorsese Casting By
2012 Jerry Schatzberg Casting By
2012 Danny Glover Casting By
2012 Robert De Niro Casting By
2012 Ed Lauter Casting By
2012 Diane Lane Casting By
2012 Ronny Cox Casting By
2012 Jeff Bridges Casting By
2012 Ed Asner Casting By
2012 Glenn Close Casting By
2012 Ned Beatty Casting By
2012 John Lithgow Casting By
2012 Woody Allen Casting By
2012 Burt Young Casting By
2012 Peter Bogdanovich Casting By
2012 Tony Bill Casting By
2012 John Travolta Casting By
2012 Paul Mazursky Casting By
2012 Al Pacino Casting By
2012 Lynn Stalmaster Casting By
2012 Cybill Shepherd Casting By
1989 Billy Zane Dead Calm
1989 Sam Neill Dead Calm
1989 Nicole Kidman Dead Calm
1989 Jennifer Tilly The Fabulous Baker Boys
1989 Michelle Pfeiffer The Fabulous Baker Boys
1989 Jeff Bridges The Fabulous Baker Boys
1989 Beau Bridges The Fabulous Baker Boys
1989 Tom Berenger Major League
1989 Corbin Bernsen Major League
1989 Andy Romano Major League
1989 Dennis Haysbert Major League
1989 Wesley Snipes Major League
1989 Margaret Whitton Major League
1989 Rene Russo Major League
1989 Charlie Sheen Major League
1989 Keye Luke The Mighty Quinn
1989 M. Emmet Walsh The Mighty Quinn
1989 James Fox The Mighty Quinn
1989 Robert Townsend The Mighty Quinn
1989 Denzel Washington The Mighty Quinn
1989 Esther Rolle The Mighty Quinn
1989 Mimi Rogers The Mighty Quinn
1989 Sheryl Lee Ralph The Mighty Quinn
1988 William Hurt The Accidental Tourist
1988 David Ogden Stiers The Accidental Tourist
1988 Bill Pullman The Accidental Tourist
1988 Kathleen Turner The Accidental Tourist
1988 Ed Begley, Jr. The Accidental Tourist
1988 Geena Davis The Accidental Tourist
1988 Henry Bumstead A Time of Destiny
1988 Megan Follows A Time of Destiny
1988 Francisco Rabal A Time of Destiny
1988 Melissa Leo A Time of Destiny
1988 Stockard Channing A Time of Destiny
1988 Timothy Hutton A Time of Destiny
1988 William Hurt A Time of Destiny
1986 Brian Doyle-Murray Club Paradise
1986 Joanna Cassidy Club Paradise
1986 Eugene Levy Club Paradise
1986 Rick Moranis Club Paradise
1986 Robin Williams Club Paradise
1986 Adolph Caesar Club Paradise
1986 Twiggy Club Paradise
1986 Louis Zorich Club Paradise
1986 Peter O'Toole Club Paradise
1986 Joe Flaherty Club Paradise
1986 Mary Gross Club Paradise
1985 Jan Hooks Pee-Wee's Big Adventure
1985 Milton Berle Pee-Wee's Big Adventure
1985 Tony Bill Pee-Wee's Big Adventure
1985 Phil Hartman Pee-Wee's Big Adventure
1985 Paul Reubens Pee-Wee's Big Adventure
1985 James Brolin Pee-Wee's Big Adventure
1984 Joseph Bologna Blame It on Rio
1984 Demi Moore Blame It on Rio
1984 Michael Caine Blame It on Rio
1984 Valerie Harper Blame It on Rio
1984 Michelle Johnson Blame It on Rio
1983 Dabney Coleman WarGames
1983 Michael Madsen WarGames
1983 James Tolkan WarGames
1983 Ally Sheedy WarGames
1983 Ray Sharkey WarGames
1983 Art La Fleur WarGames
1983 Matthew Broderick WarGames
1983 John Wood WarGames
1983 Jason Bernard WarGames
1983 Maury Chaykin WarGames
1983 Barry Corbin WarGames
1982 Jack Lemmon Missing
1982 Janice Rule Missing
1982 Sissy Spacek Missing
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