Wallace Beery
Date of Birth
Apr 01, 1885
Birth Place:
Kansas City, MO


Year Title Role
Bad Bascomb Zed Bascomb
The Mighty McGurk Roy "Slag" McGurk
Barnacle Bill Bill Johansen
The Bad Man Pancho Lopez
Sergeant Madden Shaun Madden
1935 China Seas Jamesy MacArdle
Ah, Wilderness! Sid Davis
1934 Viva Villa! Pancho Villa
1933 Dinner at Eight Dan Packard
1933 The Bowery Chuck Connors
Flesh (1932) Polakai
1932 Grand Hotel General Director Preysing
1979 The Champ Andy Purcell
Billy the Kid Pat Garrett
1930 The Big House Butch Schmidt
Beggars of Life Oklahoma Red
Behind the Front Riff Swanson
Adventure Morgan
1925 The Lost World Prof. Challenger
The Sea Hawk (1924)
Three Ages The Villain
Ashes of Vengeance Duc de Tours
1961 The Four Horsemen Of The Apocalyse
The Last of the Mohicans (1920) Magua
1919 Behind the Door
1920 The Mollycoddle
The Little American
Teddy at the Throttle
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