I love it

By cashfreak1
Written December 30, 2007
This is one of my favorite movies I saw it 7 times I am a Big Johnny cash fan. It was worth every dollar.
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Five Word Review

By misscb
Written February 02, 2010
A Film About Johnny-cash's Life
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By rosup99
Written September 13, 2008
This movie was truly amazing in everyway..The fact that the actors actually sang was even more amazing...I didn't know much about or even like Johnny Cash but I do now...I have watched it several times since it came on DVD....Great don't miss it
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A Boy Named Sue

By miss_x_apples
Written July 07, 2007
I was so excited to hear about this movie, as I'm a huge Johnny Cash fan. I was very pleased, even though some parts weren't EXACTLY accurate. The acting was superb, and the film overall just has a place in my heart. I love it so much.
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Walk the line

By EV161821
Written July 11, 2007
The character work in this film was phenomenal. The music was great. Everything was good except the fluidity. The film is quite slow and the plot points are far apart. Though boring at times, I would suggest that you see it at least once.
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