Walking With the Enemy Synopsis
A Hungarian (Jonas Armstrong) disguises himself as a Nazi officer to save his family.
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By Jemone1
Well acted and very moving account of the fate of Hungary's Jewish citizens who were annihilated as WWII was coming to its end....

Way too long

By mike356
The subject matter of the film was definitely engaging and emotionally thought-provoking. However, the film was too long. I actually walked out early because it was dragging on and on. I wanted it to...

An European WW2 Movie At It's Best

By stanleymcclure
The movie is based on what Pinchot Tibor Rosenbaum, did during the war to save so many Jewish people. It is a tremendous story of human sincerity and valor, during the latest time of the war. The...

Walking with the Enemy

By mannbirds88
Well done movie inspired by a true story....

A story that will tear your heart out!

By leeliv

Walking With The Enemy

By sbgoody995
Hungary’s role in WWII is a story definitely to be told. However, this was NOT a documentary. It was a heavy dose of HOLLYWOOD melodrama based on a true story to tell the not-so-well-known story of...

Walking with the Enemy

By 26miles
Extremely well done and exceptional acting. We all gasped at the cruelty in 12 Years a Slave, but tend to forget that 6 million Jews were systematically killed under Hitler's Nazi regime. This is...

A Masterpiece

By hborbe
Many films are produced. A very small fraction of them are masterpieces. "Walking With The Enemy" is a masterpiece. It is not an easy film to watch because it portrays extreme evil and tremendous...

Worth seeing the film

By roxie2000
My husband and I both liked the film, all the actor's did a great job in their roles, writing, directing and cinematography came together well. we were disappointed though that we missed seeing it...


By rhiannongirl42
Loved it I wish more movies like this would get made....

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Rated PG-13 | For Crimes Against Humanity and War Violence
What Parents Need to Know
Common Sense Media says OK for kids 14+ Cliches, subpar acting undercut effect of Holocaust drama.
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