By mmaseman
Written May 25, 2015
Great for little kids that like Dinosaurs, but the context was all over the place. Not sure if it was supposed to be an animated documentary, or a movie narrated by a bird who spoke but it's beak never opened. Were all the animals reading each other's minds? It would have been a better film without the animals speaking. My 5 year old Dino lover was ok with it but the rest of the crew (several kids ages 6-10) were not impressed. A lot of money for what should have been a silent film.
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If Your Kid Loves Dinos, They Will Love This Movie

By jking1961
Written May 02, 2016
If you go expecting these dinosaurs to sing, dance and form the letter "O" with their beaks, then you'll be disappointed. These dinosaurs act and do as the real ones did - that's the innovation and, in my opinion, the genius of this movie. Think of the dialog as "thought bubbles." If your kid is a fan of "Dino Dan" they will love it. I asked my five year old how to rate it - "He says "Must Go."
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Great movie for kids under 10 who love dinosaurs!

By Shaysaree3
Written December 21, 2013
My 7 yr old grandson loved this movie. No its not a Disney Pixar academy award winner but it is educational and has a few laughs in it. As a grown up I found watching it enjoyable also. Mainly for kids but the colors and scenery are breathtaking!
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By davidarroyocr
Written December 23, 2013
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By ispira
Written April 02, 2015
Barely a story. Character development was very weak. Voices were uninteresting and it wasn't always clear which character was speaking. Can't believe they let this out of the can and into theaters. What a disappointment. Fox should issue refunds to everyone who wasted their time watching this. Animation was ok, and they gave the viewer a tiny bit of information on about a dozen or fewer dinosaur species (name, size, and what they ate), but that's no where near enough to redeem this movie.
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