Walking with Dinosaurs

By Gnathologyhead
Written September 02, 2014
After reading numerous reviews about this movie, I was tentative to say the least to bring my 5 and 7 year old's to it....I just can't believe anyone can find this movie anything but exemplary. Perhaps those finding it, well, I read everything from boring, to just plain bad....I believe they should go again and this time leave the toddler at home. Give the movie your undivided attention. Not a toddler movie, however, it is a kids movie and it was great....so don't be tentative, go and enjoy....it's well done, lots of fun and as I sat back in my seat I so enjoyed watching my kids on the edge of theirs...........
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Educational & entertaining

By beckspray
Written November 26, 2014
My 7 year old grandson & I both enjoyed the movie. The characters & story held his attention and the scenery and history held mine. Would definitely recommended for school age kids.
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Walking with Dinosaurs

By Chuckie 3D
Written January 07, 2014
I must say that I wasn't expecting much from this movie considering the dinosaurs talked. But I was surprised by just how much the kids and I enjoyed it. Good 3D effects, an ok story line and humor that was meant for kids between ages 5-12. If you have kids in that age group who like dinosaurs I would recommend talking them to see this movie.
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Kids loved it, boy and girls

By debbiebryant
Written January 02, 2014
I thought it was great. It was mostly entertaining with some education, each time a new dinosaur character was introduced the name of it would pop up with a little boy saying the name, it didn't distract from the movie and my 4 yo boy loved knowing the names and kept asking to hear the names again. My 6 yo girl said "That was great!" at the end of the movie, but didn't like parts because it was sad sometimes. The 2 yo girl was startled a few times but never too scared and watched a full hour before wanting to switch laps and move around. She said Dinosaurs hurray! when the movie started. It's meant for kids 3 to 10 I would say as long as the older kids have an interest in dinosaurs. If you have your choice between this and Frozen, keep in mind Frozen is a princess movie, my 4 yo saw it once but didn't want to go again when we went the second time, this is better if you have both a boy and girl and the girl likes dinosaurs too. The boy did like both too though.
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i was expecting something different

By jamasia
Written January 13, 2014
the movie started out in an... interesting way. there were a lot of educational tid-bits here and there. i would recommend taking your kid to this if they are really into dinosaurs. the story its self is still relatable even if they aren't. but their attention will be better held if they are really into dinosaurs. i honestly thought it was going to b closer to a CGI version of Land Before Time ... lol... but its not. still cute, though.
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