walking with Dinosaurs

By cbluesstudio
Written January 23, 2017
Keep in mind when you see this movie that it was made for children and you will enjoy it fully. There aren't enough movies made today that keep the innocence of a child in mind when they are produced. Walking with Dinosaurs does just that. There hasn't been a movie made like this one since the movie Dinosaur, and it is a great addition to the niche of real life backgrounds with CGI creatures that have human voices and personalities. Your kid or kids will love it.
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Don't Waste Your Money

By Coloradoharts
Written December 22, 2013
Unless a child is REALLY ENAMORED with dinosaurs and able to sit still very well, this movie will be a nightmare. We took our three kids (8, 6 and 4) and a friend's 4 year-old son, and the 4 year-olds were so bored that they would not sit still. The plot is not at all engaging and the bird who narrates the story is rather annoying. There is one scene which may be disturbing to children. The 3D effects were just OK, nothing spectacular. Also, the 3D glasses were not available in child size, so they kept falling off the kids' faces. The kids kept pushing them up with greasy popcorn fingers, so I had to clean glasses all through the movie. With snacks for everyone and tickets, we spent $156. Throw in dinner for everyone and we were well above $200. We could have had MUCH more fun elsewhere for that amount of money. I'd skip unless your kids are at least 6, able to sit still well and very interested in dinosaurs but not yet able to determine that a movie has no real plot.
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Walking with Dinosaurs

By valerie588
Written July 28, 2016
Both my 6 year old and nine year old grandkids loved this movie. It is animated plus it teaches you about dinosaurs. Max is a child who loves animals, bugs, exploring. This movie was a hit with him. My daughter, who dislikes most of the kids' movies out there, loved it, too. Take your kids. The 3D was great; the storyline is family and character strong.
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Loved the movie

By mlaliberte
Written April 24, 2017
My sons and I loved the movie. The animation and 3D was really good. The story line around the dinosaur was fun to watch. If you like dino's and realistic animation, you will like the movie.
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Walking With Dinosaurs

By KingLion
Written March 28, 2017
The 3D effects were terrible and the glasses didn't always work, the story was infantile, the movie kept losing momentum with "educational moments" that weren't alway correct. I wanted to leave early. The only good thing about it was John Leguizamo.
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