Walking the Camino: Six Ways to Santiago Synopsis
A filmmaker follows hikers as they walk 500 miles to the shrine of St. James in Galicia, Spain.

Movie Reviews


By lindapierceplues
Wonderful! A great and accurate depiction of the actual trip. It brought back vivid and precise memories of my trip of a year ago. I recommend this film to anyone interested in making the journey....

A spiritual growth and development for your Camino

By SoyCHRisG2009

Muy authentic!

By GreyShepherd


By bubbysmom77
Wonderful movie ~ makes you want to strap on you boots and backpack and start walking right now!...

Timeless Journey

By desertfather549
Wow! A documentary of six people from around the world whose lives were miraculously transformed during a 500 mile hike through northern Spain. A true story too!!!...

Cheaper than going on retreat!

By Maryff
Excellent, not overly religious, and a cheaper experience than taking a retreat with the same benefits!...