Newly Released Walkaway

By Orlandinio
Written October 30, 2010
For a directorial debut this film has an amazing ability to drag you into the characters and really feel for them. Regardless of if you are Indian and have the different pressures of family life in Indian culture, we can all identify with wanting to do the right thing for our families whilst living the life that we want, and especially when in love. A humorous and insightful tale following 4 different lives through life in NY, family pressures and love, this story brilliantly depicts the challenges of finding the right one and the fun and challenges that can be had on the way. The music has been carefully selected and becomes part of the story telling itself if you read the translated subtitles and there is always something uplifting about Indian music that puts a smile on your face. Anyone who is looking for love, in love, or loves their kids so much they just want (what they think) is best for them will love this movie, regardless of your culture, this film speaks to us all
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