Waking Life Synopsis
A young vagabond ponders such varied subjects as existentialism, evolution and alienation.
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By rshimp
If you can get past the jargon and academic over-speak, this can be an interesting thought provoking movie. Like talking to someone who lives in their head more than they live in the real world...

one violent scene prompted weeks of PTSD flashbacks

By sunteriorflag
My life would be better if I had never seen this movie. In one scene the character 'Jailbird' describes an extremely violent action. Since watching this movie I have had frequent PTSD flashbacks....

Philosophical and a "wake up" call to life's many questions

By Meowshelle
Although at first glance this movie can be distracting due to the "art over film" style, this movie is potent with questions and discussion on life's many philosophical contemplations. A must see for...

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Rated R | For Some Violent Images and Language
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Common Sense Media says Love-it-or-hate-it film best for older teens.
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