The Waitress

By rsmith4511
Written April 22, 2007
This was a very uplifting and funny movie. We saw it at the Sonoma film festival and everyone we spoke to loved it. It has a very original story line and we continue to talk about it and laugh. We are looking forward to seeing it again.
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simply delicious

By eileenie
Written May 27, 2008
i loved this movie! i could never imagine keri russell in a role other than felicity. but she completely grounds this film with the incredible ease with which she plays the role of jenna. this film is quiet and subtle enough make an impact on the viewer but is laugh out loud funny too. the pies, the pies! they are wonderful and make you wish there was in fact a pie diner on the side of every highway!
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As Tempting as a Slice of Naughty Pumpkin Pie...

By Faialchick
Written June 15, 2007
This movie boasts a great cast, particularly the 3 waitresses Kerri Russell (Jenna, the protagonist), Cheryl Hines as a tarty overbleached aging waitress and the late Adrienne Shelley as Dawn (she was also writer & director). The dialogue is funny and frank, the southern accents and charmy are never too syrupy for this Northerner and the desolution in Jenna's voice, manner and spirit to her unfortunate lot in life rings realistic and true. The tryst with the OB is presented in an usually hilarious way and you know that part of Jenna's allure to the good doctor is definitely her pies which are baked with passion and named according to her particular emotion that day (Damn Baby is going to Ruin My Plan to Leave Earl pie is one). The pregnancy complicates Jenna's plan to leave her insecure abusive wad of a husband Earl but it's what fuels a lot of the story. Andy Griffith is excellent as a curmugdeonly old man who only Jenna knows how to handle and Adrienne's Dawn is sweet & awkward.
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Not a chick-flick

By wboas
Written June 01, 2007
What a great film. I was "dragged" by my wife to this film, and was pleasantly suprised by what I saw. Great acting, and an incredible story. Keri Russell is great. Cheryl Hines is hilarious. The tragic story of Adrianne Shelly just adds to the story. All the characters are wonderfully developed by the actors. I cannot give this any higher a rating. Go....see....enjoy.
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A Tasty Treat

By RandytheMovieFan
Written November 22, 2008
Well written comedy with very serious overtones, the only drawback to me was that every male character came off as a jerk or worse. Keri Russell was outstanding. Great movie for those seeking a chick flick.
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