• Released
  • September 24, 2010
  • (Limited 9/24; Expands 10/8)
  • PG , 1 hr 42 min
  • Art House/Foreign

Waiting for Superman

By UptownWoman
Written October 02, 2010
A MUST-SEE film! Should WAKE UP America to our educational system CRISIS!
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Hold Parent's Accountable/Where do they fit in?

By teacherluvsmovies
Written October 10, 2010
Florida may have unions but they are useless because the state is a Right to Work state and doesn't really recognize unions. Florida teachers have not received a penny raise in five years.There are awesome teachers out there that work their butts off to ensure every child is serviced well. Those teachers that don't need to move away from the profession. As a teacher of 22 years and one that has been awarded numerous awards it is my recommendation that parents pick up their role in education. Education is a triangle that involves three main people...the student at the base, the parent and teacher as the sides. If one side falls the base will crumble. When will we hold the parents accountable. As a public school teacher I would have preferred to see more about the public school system and less about charter schools. After all most charter schools are created because of the frustration of the public school system.
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Must Go...

By Harlem317
Written October 16, 2010
...especially if you have children. I went to see it because we have already been stressing about what to do with my 3 year old. We have been exploring all of our options, and living in Harlem the options are few. My husband is a dean at a NYC public high school and is part of UFT union managment. He agrees that we cannot send our son to a public school in our district. However, he is very conflicted about the union's role and fearful about what seems to be an attempt to break the union. He has so far refused to see the movie. I felt the movie was balanced and told him that most reasonable teachers will agree that keeping bad teachers in the classroom and on the payroll is bad for our kids. I hope the nation will be embarrassed by the state of public education and see how a poorly educated child is bad, and sometimes dangerous. I hope that we will all be motivated to vote and act for change that will benefit our nation in the long run.
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By rothaus
Written September 27, 2010
Any parent with a child in public school should see this movie. Only a tremendous outcry from the public is going to change a structure that is indefensible. Good teachers will also be pleased to see the injustices of a malfunctioning system widely exposed. In no other profession do you have a position for life if your performance does not merit it. It is equally outrageous that the futures of children with abilities and ambitions can depend on the results of a lottery.
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Is it really about the kids?

By prodz66
Written October 17, 2010
This movie was put together very well. The subject matter is quite disturbing. I have to say that it's better to be disturbed than to be ignorant. Definitely worth seeing.
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