By johndavidwest20
Written September 21, 2013
Wadjda, written and directed by the Saudi Arabian filmmaker Haifaa al-Mansour, is not only a carefully directed film, but it’s also an important film that examines with subtle eloquence the realities of daily life for women in an oppressive male-chauvinistic society. It is a simple story set in a complex world which surrounds the ten-year-old Wadjda, played with delightful charm by Waad Mohammed; she’s sarcastic without being annoying, street savvy, determined, wonderfully unconventional, and heroically rebellious. In the same vein as Italy’s neo-realist masterpiece The Bicycle Thieves, the movie explores the difficulties of daily life in Saudi Arabia by following Wadjda as she enrolls in a school competition. For the contest she has to memorize, recite, and answer questions on the Koran, a subject that doesn't rank high on her list of interests. Her aim is to win prize money in order to buy a green bicycle and eventually race her neighborhood friend Abdullah
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wow and wondering at the same time

By darklord_saphria
Written September 16, 2013
a beautiful movie that takes a through the struggles of women in some part of the world. a story thats told brilliantly ,awesome acting by everyone in the movie. I would be more than happy every one takes time to watch this ecstatic tale.
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By hdbshdh
Written September 15, 2013
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This movie is a one of a kind doucumentary

By amalalkhalifa
Written October 19, 2013
It addresses the Suppression that Saudi women live through , also speaks briefly about child marriages & the constant struggle for working women having to be under the mercy of a driver who is violating his visa status as a foreign driver working illegally & have the power over the law to be employed I'm a Saudi women & this movie touched my life in so many ways Must Must watch
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Sweet and lovely

By stuartmarques
Written October 26, 2013
Wadjda is the story of a bright, persistent 10-year-old Saudi girl who combines sweetness and a touch of guile to navigates landscape that makes women second class citizens. Her determination, coupled with her mother's frustrations over her husband's decision to take a second wife, combines for a compelling portrait of two people trying break the shackles of some of the traditions that hold them back. A definite go -see movie.
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