Better than expected !

By maddyfan4ever
Written February 07, 2012
Madonna's Debut Film W.E. took me by surprise, great cinematography, costume and picture. and the soundtrack is one of the best i heard in a long time
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By rlverson
Written March 11, 2012
Mildly entertaining movie with a weak script and some missing motivations for the behavior of the protagonists. Nice look at the dress of the 30s upper class.
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beautiful to look ...better than i thought it would be

By waynefh65
Written February 20, 2012
Madonna has style and a romantic vision. Madonna is also obviously obsessed with CIGARETTES (hundreds are smoked during this film...often in closeup) and RED LIPSTICK... great music. Def worth a look for fans of madge!
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Beautiful cinematography and story....

By SxySpanishStud10
Written February 21, 2012
I really enjoyed how Madonna intertwined a modern day story along with the historical tale of one of the most romantic couples of our time. I found the acting to be superb and Andrea Riseborough is a stand out performer. I really can't understand how or why the critics have attacked her, other than it's within their nature to do so. Do not allow the critics to sway you on this film, rise above and decide for yourself, I believe you will be pleasantly surprised.
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By Gabrielle Rosenberg
Written February 05, 2012
Definitely my favorite costumes in a film this year. Great art direction, and cast, had some really beautiful shots as well. The story had some loose ends, and I thought it could be edited better. But thought Madonna did a really great job on the whole, and it was a really beautiful film
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