• Released
  • March 29, 2003
  • NR
  • Comedy
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A cranky janitor tired of governmental red tape turns a special election into a horse race in this independent political satire. Leo Meruchal (Ricardo Barber) is the elderly superintendent of a decaying brownstone in a Latin American neighborhood in Manhattan. Leo is a chronically grumpy man who doesn't like his job and is having a hard time looking after his mother, who is waiting out a terminal illness in a local hospital. Leo would prefer to care for his mother at home, but bureaucracy prevents it, and when he learns that a seat in Congress has suddenly become vacant, Leo impulsively decides to run. While a grouchy man waving a mop and plastering homemade signs around the neighborhood wouldn't seem to have much of a future in politics, his two competitors in the race are just inept enough -- and Leo's no-nonsense attitude and winning habit of breaking into song are refreshing enough -- that for a moment it looks like the old man might just pull off the political upset of a lifetime. Vote for Me was the first feature from writer and director Nelson Antonio Denis, a former East Harlem assemblyman who was inspired to make the film after his own unsuccessful run for Congress. ~ Mark Deming, Rovi

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