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A ghost returns to her hometown to settle matters that were unresolved upon her death.
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By deepblue
funny, deep, i really recommed it!! Penelope does a great job , it's really one of the many master pieces of the almodovar!!great casting!!...

Fascinating blend

By Adult
A fascinating blend of modern urban Spain and the country's traditional culture, replete with folkways and superstitions. The subtitles didn't always match the Spanish, sometimes with humorous...

Volver is outstanding

By rayh52
We'd heard it was a good "chick flick" but there was no gender gap on this one...we both thought it was outstanding (especially Penelope Cruz's performance.......


By leahface
having never been a big fan of penelope cruz in american movies, i was surprised by how involved i felt with her charactor in this spanish flick. spanish is definitly her language for shining. this...


By angiepants
My friends and I went to go see this movie on a cold, rainy afternoon. Almodovar made sure to warm up the screen with spicy Penelope Cruz, intriguing plot twists, strong female characters, and...

Volver - Powerful

By OakRidger
Volver is a superb and gripping story with a very unique texture. I would characterize this movie as a very suspenseful drama, quite sensual, and a passion that maintains its power throughout the...

volver...a great foreign flick

By nani
We really enjoyed how the story unfolds during the last third of the movie. It was great to see the strong women making decisions on how to handle their abusive situations and how they moved on with...


By dbaker718
The warmth and humor of human relationships is what Almodovar has always been about, though he tends to pick quirky, extreme relationships -- perhaps to help us see that even the strangest among us...

Volver - with Penelope Cruz

By austintxmovie
As with all Pedro Almodovar flicks he "had you at hello". Penelope Cruz and Carmen Mauro were excellent in their roles. I thoroughly enjoyed the movie and recommend it to all. Good luck to Ms....


By peliculas-movies
It was a great movie. I think in this film Almodobar learned something from Hichcock (sorry for the spelling). I like how he always shows mother-daither relationship. Its an intersting movie, is fun,...

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Rated R | For some sexual content and language
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Common Sense Media says Penelope Cruz shines in mother-daughter tale.
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