My Mom's Era - Interesting From That Perspective

By thebronzedragon
Written March 21, 2007
My mom is a huge Elvis fan and I brought her. It was interesting to see the film from the perspective of the adult son of someone from that era. She, of course, loved it. For me, I found it interesting how natural Ann Margeret was - I'd always had the impression of actors from the fifties as being very stiff and melodramatic. She was, of course, very cute as well and I could see why men of the era drooled after her. Elvis was, of ocurse, what you'd expect of a rock-star-gone-actor - he was clearly self-conscious, often very conscious of the camera watching him. Still, some of the essential charm came through, and he turned out to be a pretty good physical comedian, especially during the dinner scene in the Baron's hotel room. Overall it was a diverting look back, and for only $5 it was even worth it - there are a lot less worthy things one could spend $5 on these days! Okay, it's no classic, but I'd recomend seeing it as a lark.
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