Funny and heartwarming!

By Lizerne Guiting
Written May 08, 2007
A story of a phenominal cheeky little boy who is too smart for his age and misunderstood by his parents. Bruno Ganz is perfect. My only complaint: The boy's parents are so cliche. At times, they were 2-dimensional. The script didn't allow much development for them.
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By KHshftW2
Written August 18, 2007
In this cinematic era of high-speed car chases, futuristic technological tricks, and embarrassingly graphic sex ad nauseum, ViITUS is like a breath of fresh air. Beautifully filmed with extraordinarily authentic actors and exquisite sound track. I loved it.
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Good movie

By movie_fan_20817
Written August 06, 2007
PG movie that is for adiults and children. Do not miss it
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a little magic...classical piano music...young love...parent's desires...grampa's unconditional love...

By judyinalbuquerque
Written September 09, 2007
These are a few of my favorite things....just a few....that came up for me in this delightful movie. As I was leaving the theatre, I overheard 2 older women excitedly talking about the bits and pieces of Vitus that moved them as well. Sometimes this is the BEST part of seeing a great movie....the discussion with intellectual people afterwards. They don't even have to be friends....better yet they are not....just bright, articulate, creative people who enjoy sharing their experiences and who equally enjoy hearing yours as well.
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Great Movie...inspiring!

By teacupmama
Written September 04, 2007
this movie was enjoyed by all. My daughter and her friends ages 9-13 and my husband and I loved this movie. We couldnt wait to recommend this movie to our parents and friends.
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