Vitus Synopsis
A piano prodigy rebels against the demands placed on him by pretending he has lost his talent.
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Funny and heartwarming!

By Lizerne Guiting
A story of a phenominal cheeky little boy who is too smart for his age and misunderstood by his parents. Bruno Ganz is perfect. My only complaint: The boy's parents are so cliche. At times, they were...


By KHshftW2
In this cinematic era of high-speed car chases, futuristic technological tricks, and embarrassingly graphic sex ad nauseum, ViITUS is like a breath of fresh air. Beautifully filmed with...

Good movie

By movie_fan_20817
PG movie that is for adiults and children. Do not miss it...

a little magic...classical piano music...young love...parent's desires...grampa's unconditional love...

By judyinalbuquerque
These are a few of my favorite things....just a few....that came up for me in this delightful movie. As I was leaving the theatre, I overheard 2 older women excitedly talking about the bits and...

Great Movie...inspiring!

By teacupmama
this movie was enjoyed by all. My daughter and her friends ages 9-13 and my husband and I loved this movie. We couldnt wait to recommend this movie to our parents and friends....


By wfargrgag4r
Worst kid movie EVAH...

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Rated PG | For mild thematic elements and language