By JAF31
Written January 31, 2008
I haven't seen the movie, but I did see the live show in Chicago. It was side-splitting funny, and we laughed the entire time. Highly reccommened for those with a sense of humor. The entire cast did a top-notch job!
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Not What I Thought

By lisaaaaaaaaa
Written February 09, 2008
This show is more like a documentary of the ups and downs of a comedy show on the road than a "movie". There are interviews with Vince and the other guys on the 30-day tour, and shows them traveling from town to town. They only show little clips of each guy's act so you really don't get to see the comedy show itself. It was interesting to watch, but I can't say it was worth paying movie ticket price for. It was kind of a bust as a night out. I can imagine that seeing the actual show live would have been great.
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Litte Laughs, Forced to Care About Struggling Comedians.

By Axe Man Jack
Written February 09, 2008
I caught the matinee and walked into an empty theater. The film shows a 30 shows in 30 days road trip that covers California, the southwest, the midwest, and ends up in Chicago. Its more about the road trip with snippets of the 4 comics acts. I can't say there were that many laughs given such a small taste of each act. This isn't you're average theater stand up routine and going into it expecting as much I was disappointed. I don't care to have a Politically Correct cry fest for these actor/comedians. Make me laugh, or don't bill yourself a comedy show.
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By cavepilot
Written February 09, 2008
This documentary was funny, but I wouldn’t go as far as calling it hysterical. The film follows Vince Vaughn and a few of his comedian friends on a 30-day straight comedy tour, starting in CA and heading east. There are 3 themes in the film: life on the road traveling in a tour bus, tidbits of comedy acts, and some background on the comedians’ upbringing. There are also some parts that I would call cameos, where some other people you will recognize show up on the tour. If you are a fan of Vince Vaughn or any of the other comedians on the tour you should enjoy this film.
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I laughed out loud - a lot!

By yomanda
Written February 08, 2008
Loved this movie. Went to see it on a whim, and thoroughly enjoyed it. Vince Vaughn seems like the kind of guy you want to be friends with. It was a funny movie, and had moments of genuine heart, too. Go see it.
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