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By barb.winick
Wonderful experience. It was a unique opportunity to see an exhibit at the British Museum I would otherwise not been able to see. it was excellent and I enjoyed it very much....

Vikings from the British Museum

By folo527
An excellent look at an exhibit that I would have dearly loved to see in person! I was telling people on FaceBook to come, and I will certainly recommend it again if it is shown again. Michael Wood...

Great event

By demichele2250
My friend and I thoroughly enjoyed this event. She has been studying Vikings for years and felt like she was taking a personal tour of the British Museum. I enjoyed the commentary and the close-up...

Vikings from the British Museum

By ghmcla
Even if I had crossed the Atlantic to spend, say, three hours looking at every exhibit and reading every label, I would still want to see this enjoyable and informative film of a unique exhibition....


By DrFloydPepper
Excellent work of history and culture!...

Vikings from the British Museum

By Sionedn

Vikings from the British Museum

By ladyalex
Wonderful Movie! As a Viking re-enactor I loved being able to see the pieces. The information was interesting and made we want to learn more. I wish I could see it again....

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