How can you review a movie you haven't seen?

By ellieirish
Written August 15, 2008
Vicky Cristina Barcelona opened today, on August 15th, yet people on this website have been reviewing it since July 27th. I'd truly like to hear from people who have actually seen this movie. My rating is MUST GO because I believe one has to go to the movie, and see it, before they can offer anything credible to say.
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Woody Allen Has Convienced Me He Is The Best!

By WheresYourSparkNow
Written August 16, 2008
"Vicky Christina Barcelona" is the greatest movie I have seen this year, and maybe the rest of my life. This love story so closely portrays what love in the real world truly is, not in movies. The actors are all amazing, the locations are breathtaking and the art is beautiful. Woody will forever be my favorite director and my greatest influence. If you are familiar with his work or any of the other actors' work, you will like the movie. If you like good love stories or a sexy adventurous story about passionate people, you will also like the movie. If you like tragedy and suffering, you will also like the film. YOU WILL LIKE THE FILM PERIOD! Must Go!
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Woody Allen's Fantasy

By Igotothemoviesalot
Written September 14, 2008
Neither one of the best nor one of the worst Woody Allen's movies but certainly one of the most reflective of Woody Allen's fantasies. Vicky Cristina Barcelona is all about situations that would not occur in real life and the concept of a threesome is central to the plot. None of it seemed real and we know it's a movie but it's annoying to see a fake story disguised as something that could really happen. And you won't believe the contrived coincidences. Sloppy writing, if you ask me. All in all, the actors did a good job and the city of Barcelona looked fantastic.
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Smart,Sexy...not your adolescent movie!

By dolphins08
Written August 16, 2008
Leave the kids at home..and enjoy,smart ,sexy acting...Penelope Cruz gets another Academy Award nomination!...Have a feeling that the poor ratings are from movie watchers sitting there with their spouses, squirming in their seats..daydreaming about what COULD have been..if they had actually not just played it SAFE in life!!!
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Different Than I Expected, But Quite Funny

By TMapou
Written August 25, 2008
This movie was NOTHING like I expected. The media had me joking that it was Woody Allen's "venture into soft core porn," but nothing could be further from the truth. There was definitely a sexual theme to the movie, as well as a few sex scenes, but nothing graphic-and no nudity of any kind. As for my opinion of the movie, I found it to be very funny. I thought it was one of Woody Allen's rare dramas, with some comedic moments sprinkled in, but it was a lot closer to a typical Woody Allen comedy than that (though not exactly the same as a typical Woody Allen comedy). Penelope Cruz was the best part of the movie as Javier Bardem's crazy and unbalanced ex-wife. People often say that Cruz is only good in Spanish-language films, and she speaks a lot of Spanish in this movie, so there might be something to that theory. Javier Bardem was very charming and witty. Scarlett Johansson and (particularly) Rebecca Hall were also very good and funny. If you like Woody Allen movies, go see this.
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